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I had one of *those* shifts last night. I work night shifts on a moderate med/surg floor; 5 patients max for night shift. Four patients most of the shift, one that could have been in geri-psych... Read More

  1. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from Ruby Vee
    I opened the door and saw Oscar sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. "I don't know nothing about babies," he said. "Nothing. I can't go in there."

    "You're the doctor, Oscar. You HAVE to go in there."

    "No, no, no"
  2. by   idialyze
    Quote from Oh'Ello
    Minnesota tube, 27 units in and 30 LITERS out. I think that pretty much sums it all up.
    Have no idea what this means, but it sounds intriguing. Care to explain?
  3. by   WKShadowRN
    49 patients in an urgent care setting but with ESI of three, not the usual 4 and 5, with no tech, no secretary and no break. I went home crying and cranky, mad, dejected.
  4. by   Oh'Ello
    Quote from idialyze
    Have no idea what this means, but it sounds intriguing. Care to explain?
    A Minnesota tube is a device used for upper GI bleeds. It's a long tube with 2 balloons and 2 drains. The gastric balloon inflates in the stomach to tamponade the bleeding there, and the esophageal balloon can be inflated likewise. The drains connect to suction to remove the blood from the GI tract. And the tube is set up to traction to maintain it's position. That night we transfused 27 units of blood (amongst other fluids)....And the patient had 30 liters of blood/fluid loss. If you do the math on that, you get a fluid balance that's not consistent with life.
  5. by   NICUNurseEliz
    Walked into a 4 hour old premie who was born septic and went into DIC. They couldn't get access on the kid so I walked into our neo putting in an IJ, a single scalp PIV infusing 17mcg/kg/hr of dopamine, a whole new set of antibiotics and a volume bolus ordered, and the blood bank calling saying that my cryo, PRBCs, FFP and platelets were ready for my kid with < 10000 platelets and a hematocrit around 12. Oh and the baby's BP was 9/6. Oh and then the baby blew a pneumo.

    And the charge nurse asked if I could take another admission.