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As long as I've been a nurse, I have NEVER been embarrassed by much until last night... We had a resident who prior to our shift coming on duty was yelling and demanding to see a Doctor to take care... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    This actually happened to a friend of mine as a young student nurse in the Emergency depeatment - when walking past a peelic x-ray did a double take at the sight of a narrow tubular shadow in the middle of the x-ray . She blurted out "Oh! My God what is that! only to have the doctor turn and say "Well really nurse! It's a tampon!" Find hole crawl inside close opening after you
  2. by   Hidi74
    Laughter is the best


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  3. by   tigger2sassy
    one of my most embarrassing moments had to come from nursing school-- on our first day of clinicals we had this young girl-- had never seen a male nude before-- she of course had the honors of having a good looking young hunk for a patient-- during bath time-- we all hear her running down the hall screaming-- the thing about it she kept screaming IT"S BLUE, IT'S BLUE over and over-- how embarrassing!!!!!!
  4. by   patsue53
    My co-worker had to cath a male patient in his 50's who of course had to have an enlarged prostate. So she asks for help and they go into the room to insert the cath. After a while we hear the guy hollering in agony and peek in to see if there's anything we can do. The guy is writhing in agony as my friend is attempting to insert the cath and she's saying over and over again "I'm sorry Dick, I'm so sorry Dick. Oh Dick, I"m SO sorry!" We were pretty shocked at this until we realized the guy's name was Richard. TEEHEETEEHEE
  5. by   alwaysthere
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  6. by   jayna
    Originally posted by night owl
    As long as I've been a nurse, I have NEVER been embarrassed by much until last night...
    We had a resident who prior to our shift coming on duty was yelling and demanding to see a Doctor to take care of his itchy, dry skin which he stated, "Has hives all over it." His yelling became so bad that the evening nurse had the on call Dr. come and examine him. The Dr. really didn't know what to do with him, so he ordered Absorbase cream and some Benadryl. This was the same resident who had "lice bugs" crawling all over him last week and the same resident who was doing all of the retching and the vomiting that I so ENJOY hearing!!!. I, being the wonderful nurse that I am, {{{ahemm}}} went into his room to apply the cream and give him the Benadryl. I explained what the Dr. ordered for him and why and then he took the Benadryl. Now I have to apply the cream...This man is three years younger than I mind you. If anyone was standing outside the door listening, you would think I was giving him some oral sex!!!! "ohhh, that feels so good, oh God" and the likes...I felt myself blush and I haven't done that in years! And it was truely the most embarressing moment in my entire nursing career and all I Could do was run out of there and fast! :imbar :imbar :imbar
    :roll hahahhahaa sorry night owl but that's hilarious........reminds me of one of the patient, a rugby player who came in middle of the game in Emergency department with laceration of the ear lobe (tearing the lobes in two). A macho tough guy, younger too.
    Well i was on duty so I took the smallest ever suture material, localised the area and took my time stitching up the lacerations putting two folds together, doing my best for the tear to grow back in place. Well this man, couldn't help himself. He was aroused and phew!. Talking like someone in love ewwwww. .. my patient....
    Well, the laceration was on his ear and here me concentrating suturing and slowly breathing on his ear......I have to excuse myself and went outside and got a partner in the room.

    God! it was the most embarassing moments of my nursing career.
    He came back a week later for Remoal of Suture very happy with this ear that it's back to normal. I told another nurse to remove the suture.
  7. by   jayna
    I was working in a surgical/Trauma Unit and we have a patient with paraplegia.
    I was with him changing an uridome and one student nurse (male) was observing what am doing. As I was putting on the uridome, the patient (the parcel, or one eyed monster) suddenly sprung out alive and I couldn't imagine the paraplegic would have erections but that's when I know they have and it's not quiet strong but it worth it.
    Well, the damn student nurse laughed out loud. I told him to get out the room. Putting myself in place I gently and easily put it on attached the bag, making him comfortable and WHOSH!!!!..OUTTA i go.....I was embarassed as hell.
  8. by   micro
    ya'all know when those old *discombombulated* old ladies or gents reach up and they have a grip that is mightier than 'atlas shrugged"..............
    walking out of the room with my shirt torn off in shreds.......
    or this may or may not be my most embarrassin moment.....but it is one of them..............

    and why do i not apply at Wendy's.........
    rhetorical ?????
    ya'all do not have to answer this......

  9. by   adrienurse

    This is not a funny story, this is a disturbing embarassing moment at work story.

    About 4 years ago (2 jobs ago). I was working nights with staff that included this really creepy agency aide. He was always trying to flirt with me -- needless to say I did not flirt back. Any way I was doing pericare on a twenty something head injured Quad. Lets just say the resident enjoyed the treatment. Professional that I am, I just pretended not to notice, diapered him back up and we turned him.

    So anyway, at the end of the shift I was getting my stuff together to go the greasy aide guy, in front of everyone, says out loud "I wish Adrienne was my nurse so she can do what she did to that guy to me". I was so embarrased, I felt like throwing up. I just left and went home. I was too stupid and too disgusted too report the guy.

    The worst thing is, last year I was working in a new place and I had to work with this guy again. I couldn't report him because I had made no origional report.

  10. by   researchrabbit
    I had to take a couple of psych patients to the lab. I had spilled coffee on my shirt earlier and all the way to the lab people were giving us funny looks and I felt like SUCH a pig. When we got there, I discovered that the patient who had been lagging slightly behind had been exposing himself to everyone who walked by!
  11. by   NurseRachet
    The most embarrassing moment in my 32 years as a nurse, was walking into the restroom, and who did I find, the CEO of the hospital, sitting on the stool with his pants down around his knees. Needless to say, the only thing I could say, "Oh my God, I am so sorry", backed out and closed the door. Apparently he has a habit of not locking the door. I can hardly look him in the face now when I see him. My face turned beet red.
  12. by   mark_LD_RN
    it was when i was still fairly new nurse we got new labor beds, i went to put the foot back on the bed and pushed down to lock it in. well the bottom fell off and i fell face first toward the patient, i ended up wanting to hide under the bed.atleast everyone had a good laugh about it.