What to do on last day of job?

  1. My last day of work after giving my one month's notice is coming up. For practically a month everyone has ignored that I was leaving. NM said that I recinded my resignation to the charge nurses-now I realize that's why I was told not to say anything about it to the other staff. This week, I said goodbyes to a few I knew I would not see before my last day. Retaliation from management started right after that. I have been subtly threatened by management (relating to the demand that I not leave), docked pay for some lame reason and been accused of abandoning patients (all in one day). I really dont want to go in for my last day; but, if I don't, they will probably find a way to not pay for my 6 weeks of accrued vacation (the only reason why I gave the notice rather than just leaving). I realize I have to cover my a** bigtime and take it slow and careful to save my license. But, my question really is how do I act with those that I somewhat have gotten along with. Do I approach them, or just continue with the silent treatment that has been taking place? Do I make it known that I am going to be covering my a** and am aware of what some might be up to? Do I mention the word lawyer a few times on that last day? And, how do I say goodbye to the charge nurse at the end of the shift (managment isn't around on weekends)? I really didn't want it to end the way it seems to be ending and am very confused (and hurt) at what is going on.

    Thanks for just letting me vent and all the help I have received in the past from all of you (you gave me the courage to find a better job and get out of this toxic waste dump).
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  3. by   steelcityrn
    That sounds like a real nice place!!!! Horrible treatment, and whats the big secret that your leaving? Do they feel embarrassed that they are losing another employee?? That six week pay is due to you, if I were you I would go in my last day and just keep in mind you will be out of there very soon, hopefully to a better job. Since it seems that whatever you say will get you in trouble there, I would just say goodbye like you would normally do, then if you want to call a few people in a month or two when you have all your money owed to you, then you can explain what happeded to you and why you could not say goodbye...Thats my opinion, but I must say its sad that we treat each other this way...good luck...p.s., what type of job are you going to??
  4. by   muffie
    "that's why i was told not to say anything about it" ??????


    that boggles my mind

  5. by   loricatus
    Quote from muffie
    "that's why i was told not to say anything about it" ??????


    that boggles my mind

    To clarify: NM told me not to tell any staff that I resigned. Found out the day I said goodbye to some staff that the charge nurses were told I had recinded my resignation. This place does not have a good retention record. For instance, 8 were hired with me, after I go only 3/9 remain. The best way to describe things would be it was as if I was working within a dysfunction family (enablers, denial, abusers, etc...)-that is why I kinda understood the NM wanting me not to mention my departure with others there. Although I did not agree with the NM, I wanted to ensure my severance pay and give myself time to obtain a firm offer from my new employer (offer was contingent upon a good reference from the toxic waste dump's HR dept).
  6. by   Ginger35

    Even though the end is near, on the last day, I would treat it like any other. However, I do believe in trusting your "gut instinct". If you feel that management is being vendictive in regards to you leaving, I would definitely dot my "i"s and cross my "t's". However, I would not make mention of this being your final day until all is said done and over with. No mention of lawyers or anything like that. If you end shift and walk out with someone that you were on good terms with, it would be a nice and professional gesture to tell them at that point that it is your last day and it was nice working with them & etc.....You never know about how things go around and come around....
  7. by   bargainhound
    Exactly, do not say anything that can come back to bite you in the future.
    Be professional, do the best job you know how, and just "kill them with
    kindness". The staff should be able to put 2 and 2 together for themselves
    and see that management was lying about your resignation.

    I would also be very careful about phoning people, because you never
    know what their true agenda is and they may be on the gossip train
    straight to those that have proven to be your enemies. Do not give
    anyone ammunition.

    Breathe deep, take breaks, go sit in the bathroom if you have to ---
    if atmosphere gets thick with anything that stresses you on that last day.
  8. by   bigsyis
    The last day I was scheduled to work (a weekend day) before I began my new job, I was 'called off" because of low census. Maybe you'll be lucky and that will happen for you!:wink2: