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I feel so much better when I take my vitamins. Do you? What do you take? In a nutshell, I take: Mulitple vitamin and mineral QD 1200 mg Calcium with 500 mg of magnesium 120 to 600 mg (the... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Good morning everyone,

    Here's what I take to get me throught the day. Oxycontin, ativan and ritalin. Just kidding!

    But seriously, I would NEVER take Metabolife 356 or any diet supplement containing ephedra. It can do some bad stuff to your heart. Have had several patients admitted to my unit for chest pain-unstable angina after taking Metabolife for a while. No damage was done, thankfully, but you never know! Tis better to be safe than sorry!
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    That's wonderful. I'm glad to be of some use.

    What made you think that prolonged use of Ephedra was the etiology of these unstable patients?
    Were they abusing it?
    Metabolife has a changed the formula. I believe it's even weaker than previousely and certainly less effective than others.

    I'm curiouse from a clinical viewpoint. I'm certainly not going to defend the use of stimulants by persons with preexisting cardiovascular diseases, but the hype by the media is tremendouse in these cases and "muddies the water" in the formation of medical oppinion.

    No offence to you. You certainly have a right to an oppinion and I appreciate the fear you have.
    Do you have any data other than anecdotal observation?
    Any lab values maybe that point directly at these alkaloids having not metabolised and built up to toxic levels?

    Seriousely, I wasn't there and made no observations myself of course but, do you think the term "dangerouse" is in order? That would seem to be saying that even responsible use could not have avoided heart disease.

    Do you see what I'm saying?
    I think Ephedra gets a bad rap and is the easiest scapegoat the FDA ever had.
    I would greatly appreciate any links or websites to view your clinical evidence. I think it's very important and relevant to the modern practice of medicine and the safety of our patients.
    Thank you,
  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I don't have any CLinical data to back me up! Just the wise words of some of the Cardiologists in the hospital where I work. So, I have made the personal decision not to use any weight loss supplement that contains ephedra...metabolife, xenadrine, etc. It's not worth the risk. As far as I know those patients were not abusing Metabolife. One lady had just started taking two a day for three days when she started having problems and another pt who was a man had used it--three tablets a day for a month.
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    That's amazing. Because you ocassionaly see pts that claim Ephedra toxicity and know a cardiologist(who has many years of medical training) that says its dangerouse. I can understand why you would discount its validity as a weight loss supplement.
    I have known people that just love it (most) and a few who say it makes them "jittery" but I have never known anyone to have a life threatening episode. I'm sure there must be SOME group of cases that would make a large enough sample to make a case study.
    If Ephedra is putting people at risk why have there been no studies?
    My assertion is that there is no credible data so anecdotal reports(that are not linked to any credible data) will have to do. The AMA can't have people going around willie-nillie self medicating themselves without thier permission. Especialy when it works and doesn't kill or cripple people for life like Phen-Phen did.

    I guess if I hadn't been using Ephedra products for the past ten years or so with no side effects whatsoever and if I didn't have a large sample group for my own anecdotal reports that show no seriouse side effects, then maybe I would be as incredulouse as you are about its safety.
    Not having the opportunity to see the many success stories as I have, you are right to doubt its safety with so much of your own observations being negative.

    But there is an alternative to stimulants.

    Scan Diet is a wonderful weight loss supplement. It's a meal replacement that uses soy as its base protien. It has 7gms of fiber too.
    There are no stimulants but it'll take care of your appetite and give your body some nutrition at the same time.
    The mixed berry flavor in the ready-to-drink packet is my favorite.
    I've seen people successfuly lose weight with it as well.

  5. by   nightingale

    It is called just that.. SCAN? and it fills you up? I could probably find some in a health food store here.. huh?

    Thanks Brad...

  6. by   mario_ragucci
    (Mario admittedly soapboxes)

    Yall taking all those wigged out supplements are very disciplined consumers. Don't you know how nutrient absorption takes place? Its all about the food you eat, and not the pills you take. Your body looks for nutrients that can stay in your GI tract. In other words, you hafta consume soluable and insoluable fiber (cellulose) in order to allow the bacteria in your gut to harvest the nutrients you need. Nutients hafta be spread out, not be dumped into your stomach in one big lump, c'mon!!! I'm surprised.

    I'm taking a Food and Nutrition class now, and have learned, after a three day diet study on myself, that I don't need to take any vitamins because I get enough from the food I eat. You can't harvest your DAILY requirements unless you eat properly, eat roughage and drink enough water...pointblank! The smart monkeys will show you pictures and tell you anything to get you to pay money for thier pills; Don't fall for it. Just eat responsibly; Find out how to eat responsibly. I've said enough. Think about where things go after you swallow it; what is happening beyond the stomach. We are not machines; we're physical. You put a concentrated form of a nutrient in your stomach and your renal system will expell it, 1,2,3.

    Although, I go for the "writestuff" diet from time to time, lol. All in moderation, but think about the pills, and what is fair for your body, and what is not meant to be.
  7. by   VickyRN
    Sorry to burst your bubble, Mario, but in today's nutrient-depleted soils and foodstuffs, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the nutrients your body needs from your diet (just try getting enough vitamin E or folic acid, for instance). You'd have to eat like a gorilla!!!
  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    I thought like you do once.
    Before my skin felt good. Before my hair and nails grew well and didn't split(geeze I hate that!). Before my digestion was efficient.

    Those are just the things I can SEE and FEEL. I don't know what improvements have taken place internally.
    As for the meal replacement. If you can put together a whole food meal at only 160 calories that has as much fiber and protien, vitamins and minerals as Scan Diet then I will eat it.

    Maybe that would make a good paper for class.

  9. by   idealRN
    I take a customized vitamin that was made just for me!!! What this company does is takes a urine sample, and according to your age and gender they customize your vitamin according to what your body needs and what your age and gender need for support. They measure nitrates(liver fxn), sulfates(inflammation), and lipid peroxides(antioxidant status). They put this into 6 capsules so they are compatible and more absorbable in your system. Also these are Dr. grade supplements. Did you know that the majority of over the counter supplements are animal grade??? What do you think of that?? Anyway long story short, I feel fantastic and know many others who take these and feel fantastic!!! I look at it like this, This is plain and simple, they test you and give you what your body needs according to the testing. No guessing about what we need anymore. If you want to hear more about this e-mail me and I'll tell you all about it!!!
  10. by   NurseRoRo
    Quote from WriteStuff

    A pack of Marlboro Lights in the box, two pots of high-test Hills Bros, and a chaser of antidepressant and antihypertensive.

    I'm NEVER irritable, have energy galore, and the world is coming up roses every single day!!

    Sorry, nightengale........I couldn't resist. I'm the worst possible example of "health conscious" there could ever be. Shame on me, shame on me, shame on me!

    Marlboro Lights in the box got me through nursing school several years ago...now I work in a job that requires me to drive a company car in which I can't smoke. That would explain the 30# weight gain...
  11. by   Morettia2
    well, since i am ADHD, no supplements get me through the night shift. Even a giant cup of starbucks crack coffee, and my ritalin can't do it. but I have found that Icebreakers Pomegrant and Lemon mints do the trick, they have vit. A,C,E and Zinc. And since I have been eating them all night long my immune system, wich is awful, has improved, and that kick in the mouth from the pomegrant and lemon wakes my *** up. I have even got my fiance, who is a cop, and my girlfriend who is also an RN at my hosp., addicted to them.

    But I find when I come home at 9am after a long shift, a few camel lights and a few coors lights and this site, help me unwind.