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I feel so much better when I take my vitamins. Do you? What do you take? In a nutshell, I take: Mulitple vitamin and mineral QD 1200 mg Calcium with 500 mg of magnesium 120 to 600 mg (the... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    I just joined Weight Watchers and Jazzercise class. I work nights and need the socialization for motivation. I take Super B-complex for energy (and PMS) a multivitamin, and 30 mg. zinc (seems to keep away the colds).
    The Jazzercise keeps me distracted from work problems and I feel really great. I don't "stress out" over things at work after my Jazzercise class.
  2. by   ohbet
    Large quantities of sugar and caffine work well.
  3. by   NicuGal
    I take a women's multivitamin, calcium and B complex...good for carpal tunnel! It was recommended by my hand doc and it took about a month, but by golly it does work!

    I stay away from soy.....leery of the risk of premenopausal BC as it runs in our family! Took Metobolife for about 3 days and was such a nasty thing and jittery....edephra is not a nice thing!
  4. by   thisnurse
    write...im on that same diet...lol
  5. by   VickyRN
    What is a good time-released MVI that you would recommend?
    Thanks for the info
  6. by   old-master
    I take 820mgs of ginsing, a mulitvit, ginkoba, vit-E, and body solutions at night. And Aikido really helps! The few and far between paintball games! Paint them until they scream!

    old-master has spoken......
  7. by   nightingale
    I actually picked up a small paperback at a bookstore on Gingko. Unfortunately, I did not read through it first; It was the vaguest book I have ever read on nutrition.

    I would like to know the mechanism of action on Ginkgo. I benefit from the supplement and would like to know why. I use it for driving to keep alert (take 600 mg for this). I usually take 120 mg. per day. It is great because it does help me to be more focused with any gitters. Anyone know why?

  8. by   Sylvia
    I take a Centrum every day and it does make me feel better. I think it's the iron that helps the most, since I am such a heavy bleeder (Apologies to those who didn't need to know that!).

    Also, I take an additional 500 mg Vit C daily for the immune system and I must admit, I rarely get sick.

    For 7-10 days before my period, I take 1-2 evening primrose tablets and my PMS is nearly nonexistant. The directions say to take 3-6 a day but I don't need nearly that many to get the desired effect.

    Since primrose oil contains Vit E, I don't use a Vit E supplement during the time I take primrose oil, but for the rest of the month, I take one extra 400 IU Vit E a week - also for the immune system.

    Also, per my doc's recommendation, I take 500 mg OsCal per day. The directions say to take 2-3 times that amount, but I eat about 3 0z of cheese a day, so I don't think I need that much supplemental calcium and my doctor agrees.

    Lastly, a couple of cups of strong coffee in the a.m.!!
  9. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    I haven't checked out the bb in such a long time! Thanks everyone for sharing. This has been very helpful.

    I usually take a multi, vit C, vit E and a B complex. I work nights and I can really tell if I miss taking them. I am interested, however, in looking into the time-release more pricey kind next time around. I also want to learn more about homeopathic remedies and the book suggestion will come in very handy!
  10. by   nightingale
    I found a time released multi (without iron....) that was $ 15.00 for 100 pills. It seemed "okay"in the dosage etc.. I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was...

  11. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    The Herbal Medicine Handbook;Springhouse pub. puts usual doses at 40-80 mg TID. I sometimes take 100 mg at a time or 1/2 hour before "activity" as it increases peripheral blood flow.
    Since it is believed to cause a decrease in platelet aggregation as well as vasodilation I would think 600mg at one dose would be alot. Maybe the caffeine you drink when driving counteracts the decrease in BP?
    Anyhoooo, you don't want to hear me blather on so I would recommend going to a website that I use. www.tnp.com. It's a natural pharmacy site and would tell you plenty about Ginko Biloba. It's primarily used to treat cerebral insufficiancy so that's likely the benefit for you.
  12. by   nightingale
    I appreciate the tip and the website! You're a keeper!

  13. by   nightingale
    This seems to be helping quite a bit. Sometimes I would get cramps in my legs at night and I find I do not now.. Love the tip and info about the gingko too.... Thanks Brad!