What specialties are you interested in..

  1. Current nurses, what specialties would you like to try.

    I would say my top areas. Transport nurse (peds), Diabetes Educator, Cath Lab(would prefer peds) or peds cicu. Would like to move away from adult icu.
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  3. by   TraviesaRN
    I have primarily done ER/Trauma and I love it but I also feel like I peeked there. I am going back to work towards becoming an NP and as a NP I think I would like ICU or Trauma. As a floor nurse I didn't want to do ICU but on the provider end I think I would enjoy it and have been told I would be go at it. Yet as a provider I don't think I would enjoy ER as much as I did as a floor nurse. I am also considering Mental Health as a NP. NP will be a long way down the road but it's my 5 year plan.
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    Good for you. I can see why you would pick ICU over ER.
  5. by   BSNbeauty
    I always wanted to be a PP nurse.... Still the best specialty ever ! Other than that, I've always wanted to try nurse recruitment or cruise nursing and travel nursing.