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i have become aware of a difficult situation and would appreciate some feed back on the view of what i should do, if anything about the situation. its fairly long winded but i would appreciate any... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    Is there an ombudsman for the elderly in your area?
    If she is receiving some kind of government income, is there a supervisory agency?
    If you believe your MIL is not able to do what is best, then her next of kin-her husband? should be the one handling this.
  2. by   Moneypitt
    If your MIL is divorcing her husband then most likey there will be a divorce lawyer who will be asking some hard questions. Questions pertaining to finances, and relationships that may be expensive. Seems like your MIL is being used, but if she is of sound mind then she will have to suffer the consequences. It must be hard to watch, but very little you can do about it I think.
  3. by   NurseyBaby'05
    It sounds like the caretaker should be investigated for financial and emotional abuse. Your mil has isolated herself from her family and now money is disappearing. Something sure seems rotten in Denmark.

    As for the bedsharing, it is definitely inapproproate. The caretaker has crossed the line. From your original post, it seems like she is no longer taking care of mil in an official capacity, so not much will probably be able to be done about that.

    Is there an elder abuse agency that could look into the situation? Most of the time they take anonymous reports.
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