What should I do? (very long)

  1. If you don't mind, I need y'alls expert advice, please!

    I am starting BSN school in the fall. Most of my prerequisites will be completed by that time, so I will start my clinicals in Jan.

    I am currently a wellness manager for a corporate exercise facility, and I don't make that much money, and I don't have any benefits (i.e. insurance, retirement). However, I do have a lot of down time for studying, approximately 4 - 5 hours a day.

    Recently, I heard of a position at the hospital that I want to work at after graduation, and it is in the area I want to work in. The position is an unit administrative coordinator. Basically, from what I understand, I will be entering the charts into a computer system. I thought this would be a great learning experience and a great way to get "seniority" in the hospital. With this position I also have insurance, retirement and paid time off. Well, I have been offered the position, and I have to give them an answer on Monday.

    However, there is a problem. This position pays $2.50/hour less than what I am making now and only 56 hours over two weeks (but there is a very likely probability that there will be an opportunity for more hours by filling in for other administrators in other departments).

    Finally, my question to you experts: Do you think this position, with all of its learning possibilities and benefits, is better than the position that I am at now, with $2.50 more an hour and the opportunity for me to study at work?

    Sorry so long!

    Thank you,
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  3. by   bedhead
    I am not quite sure of something, are you a RN and going for your BSN in NSG?
  4. by   buck227
    Stay with the higher pay and study time while you are in school.

  5. by   hollykate
    I have to agree with Buck- probably a better idea to keep the higher pay- unless you need the benefits badly, then go for the bennies. You won't be getting any down time though with chart data entry.
  6. by   MollyJ
    I'd stay with the higher pay and shorter hours, too. Often schools offer some sort of catastrophic care insurance policy that you could buy during school. If you have dependents, you could look at other insurances, including state funded insurances for children, CHAMPS I think nationally. Also a new job is always a stresor and I think that easier job that you can do with one hand tied behind your back during school just gives you less overall stress, whether you are a returning BSN completion or a generic student.

    Good luck.