What ?'s Should I Ask the Recruiter?

  1. I will graduate from an ADN program in May and many area hospitals are recruiting my class. They are bringing us lunch, small gifts, etc, trying to recruit us to work for their hospitals. I would appreciate any advice on what questions to ask (like ratios, pay, etc?).

    What do you wish you had asked before your first job?


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  3. by   bargainhound
    Individualized orientation to meet your needs.
  4. by   Aneroo
    Congrats. I'm almost there too. We've been going over some things.
    What is your management style?
    What would you do in this situation? (tardiness?)
    What room is there for advancement?
    How do you view continuing education?
    What is your staff turnover rate?
    Was told to not ask about salary/vacation/benefits and so forth right away. It's important, but makes sense. They want employees who are there for more than the money.
    Any ideas? I could use them too! -Andrea
  5. by   purplemania
    It amazes me how many new grads are not aware of what shift they will be working. It also amazes me that many new grads insist on working M-F, day shift only, because they have a family (I guess the rest of us are all orphans).
    You definitly want to know if you will have a preceptor, and for how long. It is scary being on your own too soon.