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I have been reading that many feel most RNs make about $60,000. a year, or $25-$30/hr. Here are the stats on what nurses really earn from The U.S. Dept of Labor: Earnings Back to Top ... Read More

  1. by   oraibi
    Originally posted by lilpoo
    hogan, what part of the country do you live? Are you in a specialty field of nursing? Wondering how you can make that kind of $$ working only a few days a week! Lucky you! I only work a few days a week here (Wisconsin) and will be lucky if I gross $20,000 this year.

    hi lilpoo

    i second that emotion . . .

    i live in wisconsin too . . . where i live a new nurse starts at around $20/hr give or take a little depending on the shift

    i live in a rural area and the hosp where i work is going through a funk with low census and last week i made $0 . . . this week i worked three night shifts

    part of me is ok with some of this since i've never really liked the idea of full time or year round work (this is my first real job since 1986)

    so, while some of the other staff are kind of freaking out about all the down time, i've been out fishing and goofing around and more or less enjoying the slack time

    the best way i've found to enjoy a rich life is by learning to live on less and staying in a lower tax bracket . . . like someone else said, if you calculate the point of diminishing returns related to taxes and such, overtime generally is not such a good deal

    the hosp where i work also notified us it has been losing money and that they are instituting an emergency cost cutting program

    i wonder if this is a temporary lull or a sign of the looming health care crisis . . . more and more people around here are losing their health insurance and the cost of health care keeps rising

    sometimes i think all this administrative costs associated with all the paperwork and satisfying the gov't and the joint commision and all that along with the insurance middlemen taking their cuts is driving the system to the brink of disaster

    i don't know about where you work, but it seems like health care is top heavy with a lot of high paid people who produce very little actual services

    oh well, glad i didn't get into nursing for the money . . . i love the patient care but despise the growing pile of paperwork

    ciao for now

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    Originally posted by Babe
    I just found out that the place where I'm doing my externship will be paying the new male nurses more money than they will for their female hires. Is this happening everywhere are just in the south?When questioned they have a lame reason stating male nurses are usually head of households and need more pay, wish I had that one on tape. I know more female head-of-house-holds than male now days espically in nursing !It seems the ones talking big bucks here are mostly males, unless using male names for safety. Anyway it burns my but--
    I doubt this to be an accurate account of what is really taking place. With females making up the majority of nursing, a company would all but go under trying to find enough male nurses to work. Obviously a new female grad would not want to work for someone who valued them so little. If the female nurses on this post actually think male nurses earn more they are misinformed.
  3. by   cdaRN2004
    I am in nursing school in Georgia and will be graduating in December. Any suggestions for a head start on jobs would be greatly appreciated!!!

  4. by   mattsmom81
    I guess I'm a little concerned that $$$ seems to be such a motivator for so many nurses and nurses to be.

    There's a whole lot more to this career and nursing jobs than $$$. Not just quality of life/cost of living of the area; but culture of the hospital, staffing, support...the whole environment of the place and how it feels to the individual. Knowing what makes you tick and where you are happy is a biggie in this field!!

    All I'm trying to say is that if $$$ is one's main motivator, one may be a bit disappointd with this particular career.

    Some of the hospitals with higher bonuses and pay are not ones I would want to work in. A word to the wise.

    Remember mama telling us $$$ won't buy happiness?? She was right. Gotta be more to it than that.
  5. by   Dplear
    As the old saying goes...money may not buy happiness...but it sure will buy the things that make me happy....

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    Originally posted by Dplear
    As the old saying goes...money may not buy happiness...but it sure will buy the things that make me happy....

    So right, dave! I think we can enjoy our careers AND get paid what we are worth! Yes, I want it all and see nothing wrong with that!
  7. by   txsugarlvn
    Whoa! Momma wasn't kidding when she said I needed to go back and get my RN. I'm an LVN in Texas, but in San Antonio, where the cost of living is even less than Houston. Gas prices are also a little lower than Houston, etc etc etc...
    Anyway, I am stunned to hear how much you guys are making. I started nursing 8 years ago and barely made $15K working dialysis (13 hour shifts 3 x wk). I was very excited to get my raise to $8.50/hour. Fast forward to recent years and the most I have made in one year was $35K. That was working one full time job and two agencies. I now work in an insurance agency as an auditor (HMO) and make just over $30K without overtime. I'm looking into going back into nursing but so far haven't found a place where I can make as much (hah!) and get the same benefits like medical, dental, 401K, PTO, STO, STD, LTD, tuition reimbursement (up to $4K/yr), and a special little program where we can get reimbursed up to $500/yr for things not normally covered like vet bills, auto repair, alternative medicine...
    One RN I know here is going to break 100K this year but he is working weekend nights as charge in a specialty unit in the hospital 40 hr/wk.
    For those of you making all those big bucks, wow!!! God has blessed y'all and I sure hope He turns that blessing to me! :chuckle
    Guess my next step will be returning to school....
  8. by   pwp1289
    work for fed gov in northeast--making $37.11 an hour as base pay--get 10% more for shift diff PLUS 25% additional for weekends (working full time perm eves or nights you really see a difference) double time for holidays--earn 1 al day per 2 weeks and 4 hrs of sl per 2 weeks ---so we get 26 vac days and 13 sick days/year
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    work for fed gov in northeast--base rate is $37.11/hour (been there 13 years) but make additional 10% shift diff and 25% diff for all weekend tours so if you work perm evev/nights and alot of weekends you do better--double time holidays and you earn 1 al day and 4 hours sl / 2week payperiod-total 26 vacation days/13 sick days/year--paid time off for seminars or comptime given
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  10. by   lisielurn
    i live in Nebraska and graduated in 2002 with a BSN start pay was 14.92/hr for new grad in every hospital in the city. (worked in er for 4 years as a tech during school and made 13.75) you read that right.. 13.75!!! just over 1 dollar more an hour for so much more responsiblity.
    the hospital i ended up at in the trauma center ICU only staffed 3 RN's for a 20 bed unit over night. not safe care. i left hospital care (because of the unsafe practice) and now work for the health dept making almost $30 and hour because the county pays more for higher degrees and you must have BSN to work for them... i don't plan on leaving anytime soon..
    i do occassionally work for an agency making around $38-40/hr.. to keep up my skills since i am working on my NP.... when i graduated girls who lived in other states were going home and making nearly doulbe what NE is paying...
  11. by   pickledpepperRN
    Where I work we have a contract. I usually work only 2 or 3 12 hour shifts a a week, only 2 are on the schedule.
    A friend works 6 12 hour night shifts. That is $42.00 per hour plus $4.00 /hr shift differential, time and 1/2 after 8 and after 80 hours in a two week pay period, $100.00 a month for her BSN, and another $100.00 for her CCRN. She is well worth it.
    I could not do it, but she does. She has family who clean, pay the bills, wash and iron her uniforms, and pack a meal for her. She is wonderful to patients and no more grumpy than anyone else.
    Her family enjoys the big house she makes payments on. Kids are grown. Isn't that almost $5,000.00 a week before taxes.
    Of course she only gets $36 hours pay on vacation. Worth it because our patients and her co workers get this fine nurse.
  12. by   jdsantee
    I live in the San Diego area and work in a hospital, OB/GYN. I work 12 hour night shift/perdiem. $30/hour.
  13. by   jgg765
    I work in the computer field.
    Make 47K I have only recieved one raise.
    Also, we do not get paid overtime at all after 40 hours.