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I'm taking my ACLS class in 2 weeks and am nervous about the rhythms I'll need to know. I'm a new grad, and in school we spent 1 class on it. I've studied EKG basics, but Im not good at recognizing... Read More

  1. by   brownbook
    I've taken ACLS at least 15 times. I still get performance anxiety, as in my mind freezes up! Especially since I haven't worked acute care nor been to a code in 15 years.

    I find a huge help to unfreeze my mind is to simply think, (as a good ACLS instructor will ask you), is the rhythm to fast or to slow.

    Then hopefully you've memorized what interventions slow a too fast heart, and what interventions speed up a too slow heart.

    Don't forget good basic CPR saves more heart and brain tissue than fancy drugs or rhythm interpretation.
  2. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    You need to know all of the typical rhythms that can be seen in patients, otherwise you may not be able to differentiate normal from abnormal, or know which ones to treat.

  3. by   YoutubeTheNP
    quit worrying and take the ACLS test:

    Welcome to the American Heart Association

    it has all the rhythms you need to know

    password is acls15