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i am a peri-operative nurse, today my first patient said "will you be with me for my entire surgery" i said yes as i was holding her hand before she drifted off to sleep she said " you are my angle... Read More

  1. by   tinnekke
    I work in LTC, and I have several Residents who remind me frequently why it is that I love what I do so much. One actually told her son the first time that I got to meet him that I was her favorite nurse. That made me melt. I have another who calls me her Angel on a regular basis. Then there's the gentleman who always calls me Cookie. That gets me smiling every time. It's also nice just to be doing AM med pass in the dining room and hear the ladies at this one table talk about what a great nurse I am and how much they all feel I am always there for them if they need me. :hatparty: It definitely makes up for the rare Resident who treats me like a servant (and we have one who does...thinks nurse is another word for lady's maid and wouldn't know the words please or thank you if they bit her on the rear end).
  2. by   Ada
    I'm working at an LTC facility and one of my patients is a 90-year-old lady. Most of our patients have dementia so bad they can't remember where they are...

    So I walk into the room and ask if everything's alright.

    Resident goes:"Do you know where Jokimaa (=apparently a name of a place) is?"
    N:"No why?"
    R:"Well that lady on the other side of the room (we have 3 ppl per room) says she has a house there and she needs to get there."
    N:"Ok, well how do think we would find out where that is?"
    R:"Let's ask the POLICE!!! They know everything!"
    N:"Alright, where do we find a policeman now?"
    R:"Let's wait 'til dinner, they always come then..."

    That cracked me up... that day when I left work I saw a police car and couldn't help but thinking that there they are now...
  3. by   joannep
    I was working as a perioperative nurse, and I was with a little old lady just before her scheduled surgery. She looked up at me and asked me where I had trained. I mentioned my nursing school, and she said, "Oh I am lucky, I am going to be looked after by one of my girls". The little old lady had been the head of the school of nursing 25 years ago, when I was training! We had quite a chat when I went to visit her after her surgery.
  4. by   Lysa
    I had a patient tell me that I bring sunshine into his heart.
  5. by   eltrip
    I had a message today from a man thanking me for convincing his wife to seek medical attention for her SOB & CP. Made my day.
  6. by   TennesseeRich
    Hi All- Last evening at work, I was walking down the hall when a pt. says to me "hey where have you been." I was off word for a few days due to having pneumonia and bronchitis. As she got closer, she said "I've sure missed you sweet cheeks" and as she past, she grabbed my hand and squeezed and said "I feel better just knowing your here." That really made me feel good, and seemed to make my entire evening! Its funny how one comment can change the entire day!

  7. by   Chrislynn2003
    WOW, That's great! I'm a periop nurse and I love when you get that patient that says something that makes your whole day wonderful.

  8. by   Repat
    Here's a funny - pt arrives in ER from NH, demented, SOA, unresponsive. Gets all the usual treatments. Nurse walks into the room about 2 hours after pt's arrival. Pt looks at her, says "Who are you?". She tells him she is his nurse, and that he is in the hospital. He says "Damn, you fall asleep in your chair in one place and wake up in a totally different place!" Couldn't get him to say anything else the rest of the shift...