What makes a GREAT nurse?

  1. What is your definition of a GREAT nurse?
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  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Hmmm....believe it or not, I was recently asked this very question in a job interview.

    My answer: A great nurse recognizes subtle changes in Pt. condition and responds appropriately and immediately to them.

    I was trying to get the idea across that there's actually an emotional and intellectual relationship between pt. and nurse of a unique kind....but I can't really grasp the best words.

    Looking forward to seeing other ideas
  4. by   proud2bme
    Good answer!
    Originally posted by proud2bme
    What is your definition of a GREAT nurse?
    A great nurse is one who truly cares in her heart about the
    patient and who has enough experience and common sense
    to listen to her own gut feeling about what is going on with
    her patients. A great nurse believes and listens to her sixth sense and responds appropiately. S.Thomas,RN
  6. by   fedupnurse
    A great nurse:
    Knows what she doesn't know and isn't afraid to ask.
    Put's himself in the patient's shoes (or their families) and helps
    them with as much info as they can.
    Stands up for herself and her colleagues when confronted by
    obnoxious family members, doctors, managers, etc.
    States the problem and the possible solution instead of just
    Knows that vacations are so important!!!!
    Is there for her patients, holds their hands and calms their fears.
    Mentors new colleagues instead of ridiculing them!
    Has compassion and empathy for patients and colleagues!!
  7. by   hoolahan
    Fedup, that is perfect!!

    I would say a great nurse also LISTENS, truly listens to the concerns of her pt's, the families, co-workers, and yes even the docs. Hearing the words, but listening for the need. Is the pt always a PIA, or is it because they just found out their sister has terminal cancer, and they feel frustrated and are lashing out at anyone and everyone. What can you do to help? Listen? Ask the doc for an antidepressant? Call a clergy person? You will learn if you listen. Is your co-worker just in a bad mood or did her husband just lose his job and she's been working lots of OT to help out at home? Have to also borrow from Shirleyanne, and say a great nurse always listens to her gut too. But this skill takes some experience, so give the new grads a chance until they develop their sixth sense! If they are going to be a great nurse, it will happen.

    A great nurse listens and afffects change.
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    Solid theory -- good assessment skills -- ability to apply theory to patient condition -- strong critical thinking skills -- ability to note subtle trends/changes -- knows own limitations -- knows available resources --outstanding patient advocate -- dedicated --sense of humor -- respectful of all (patients, families, staff) -- supportive health care team player -- flexible -- thorough/follows through -- keeps education/knowledge current via ceus and/or continuing education. There is so much more -- a good nurse see's the "big picture" -- leaves his/her "baggage" at home -- picks up after him/herself -- good attitude -- compassionate -- kind -- does his/her best in often very hurried, stressful situation -- realizes that no one is perfect but still strives to always do his/her best.