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  1. by   majic65
    I have also worked 12-hour nite, for about 8 years--and it NEVER got easier, and I NEVER got used to it!! It is a great shift to work, very little BS, etc. But my body just could not handle it. Best I ever worked? 12:30 PM-11:00PM, 4 days a week, Mon-Thurs. That was in managed care. Great hours--you could sleep in, clean house/shop, go to work, then still get home reasonably early. 3-11'a also work for me, but I prefer 4 10's if possible
  2. by   mustangsheba
    Whew! Thought I would never get logged on! I once worked 1000 to 2200 - loved that one but it's an unusual shift. I like evenings best. My biorhythms, dontcha know. Evenings are busier, but less BS. You get to meet more families. The docs are going home instead of trying to start their day. I just like the feel
  3. by   PhantomRN
    I personally have always worked nights and I like them.
    I have the freedom to do what I want. I have the autonomy to make more decisions.
    When I put a page out to the Doc I can stand by the phone, because (s)he will call back fast.
    Less distractions to giving care.
  4. by   darby
    well,this is my favorite subject,to all of you veterans out there the good old days left one licensed person in charge,i have good organizational skills, some dont but the nights flew by,the patiens appreciated the extra cookies,juice,ice,etc,even the correctional officers appreciated the nurse at night,pretty good security precautions,to all of you new nurses dont ever let your guard down,the nights are risky for liability,make sure the rails are up and the call lights are in place,two of my pet peeves,take care when you give meds and if you get sleepy coffee and washing your face helps,i am military oriented uncle sam taught us well!