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  1. by   nurseblob
    Visitors or family members who just STARE constantly. I can PROMISE them that nothing facinating is going to happen while I am pouring colace and calcium. I blame the tv shows like ER for making people believe something ******* awesome is about to happen.
  2. by   wannabalvnurse
    Quote from Shamrock
    Strangers that find out you are a nurse and start asking medical questions AND expecting answers!
    They are just looking out for their own well being and don't give a hoot about ours!
  3. by   cherrybreeze
    Quote from BlessedMomRN
    Any doctor that sits at my work station the moment I stand up to answer a call light; logs me off in the middle of what every I'm doing and pushes my stuff to the side so they can log on. There is a doctor's office complete with computer and printers about 15 steps away from the nurses station. Then, they leave without logging off.
    Or when they set their stuff right on TOP of what you were doing. I've had my clipboard covered with a chart that a doc is writing in more times than I can count, and a lot of docs do it. That's just rude to me. You can't move it over a foot before you plunk down?
  4. by   enigmaticorange
    My huge pet peeve: Watching any trained medical professional walk out of a C. diff isolation room...., take off the gown, gloves....then stroll right past the sink sitting right in front of them. Please people. Wash your hands.
  5. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I hate being the only non-smoker on my shift. All of the smokers (including the evening supervisor) take their smoke breaks together, leaving me alone to deal with falls and other crises.
  6. by   Flipper911
    my biggest pet peeve today is when physicians, speech therapist or any other part of the health team wants to waste my time asking me a bunch of questions that they could easily find in the chart or emr.

    I worked in one facility where the speech therapist thought she was the queen bee and expected nursing to read the chart to her. I was a traveler and was having no parts of that. I brought the chart to her set it in front of her and stated, "you can read cant you?"
  7. by   felineRN
  8. by   Zookeeper3
    Joint comission and all the unnecessary paperwork that it brings.
  9. by   Redhead28
    Beeping IV's and the sudden loss of hearing my colleagues develop.
  10. by   Flipper911
    triple and quadruple doccumentation. In my current facility they are to broke to invest in an EMR. So accuchesks are charted four different places. Online in the mar, on paper flow sheet, on high risk nflow sheet and in the I&O section of the chart. ENOUGH! Or we are required to chart extra, because it makes it easier for the physician. No a good excuse. They can be taught where to look for the information!
  11. by   meluhn
    Quote from felinern

    haha. it sounds stupid to me too but somewhere on one of these threads where the subject came up, someone proved that "orientate" was actually a legit word and not just someone pronouncing it wrong.
  12. by   pedicurn
    I love having students to teach and new RN's to orientate.
    However I do not enjoy the impersonal manner that seems to be more evident with some of the newer nurses.
    Please smile, be accommodating and less self-centric....demonstrate a willingness to learn, rather than to critique first.
    On whilst we are on the matter...pls turn off cellphones, and I don't want to see a single sudoku puzzle ....and I do not appreciate seeing you yawn all day. Thankyou
  13. by   singingtothewheat
    The people who have NO idea what we really do in a day, making decisions about how much staff we need.