What is your specialty? - page 2

Hey everyone! I plan on starting nursing school in 05 (hubby is in navy and we are moving a lot right now). My dh is a physician who is going to specialize in Emergency Medicine. I thought I might... Read More

  1. by   Ortho_RN
    Wow.. Never realized there were so many Ortho fans out there... Most people in our hospital hate getting pulled to Ortho.. B/C it is constantly going, and some people get upset when they actually have to work
  2. by   rn-jane
    cardiac nursing since 7 years ago, now to work in a openheart cardiac unit starting next week.
  3. by   wjf00
    NICU nurse here. The only part I don't like about NICU, is when I get floated to Peds. Not having my patients in my sight unnerves me somewhat.
  4. by   Dave ARNP
    Nurse Pracitioner.
    Family Practice, specializing in Pain Management and Acute/Inpatient Care.

  5. by   shodobe
    27 years in the OR! Love it wouldn't do anything else. mike
  6. by   Darchild77
    Ob and peds for 1.5 years, Love Ob, peds not for me