What is Your Scope of Practice in Your State?

  1. I have worked in a few states and have found the differences are really remarkable. I woould like to know what are the differences in your nurse parctice acts, pt to nurse ratios, ease of access to obtaining your nurse practice act and if your state charges for a copy of your nurse practice acts and /or changes when made in your scope of practice become available.

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  3. by   Isabelle49
    Our scope of practice is accessible by computer by anyone who wants to read it.

    There are no limits to nurse/patient ratios in Louisiana. This is a main reason I left the hospital arena 7 years ago. I was once asked to work an extra shift on a rehab unit - I was going to be the only RN with 35 patients - NOT. Needless to say I refused.

  4. by   pagandeva2000
    This may be an interesting thread. I am learning that the Scope of Practice for LPNs in my area are more broad, but yet, some of the facilities are limiting how much an LPN can do (which is silly, to me). I guess I could find out what are the nurse to patient ratios, but would need to know which nurse they mean...and if the BON of my state provided that information. I am pretty active with emailing my BON with inquires often, but did not see this information on the website. Guess I'll look and post again!