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I have a couple of questions for you all... What is your favorite part of being a nurse? What is or has been your favorite department to work in and why? Thank you for your input. I look... Read More

  1. by   Fgr8Out
    I LIKE Med-Surg Nursing. I like the teaching that goes with my work...presenting information to my patients in a way that THEY can understand, and help alleviate some of the mystery and anxiety that their current situation has placed before them.

    I LOVE when I can do Primary Nursing, utilizing ALL of my talents and abilities. To spend the day with a manageable number of patients and NOT have to put them off because I'm overwhelmed with a workload that leaves me only able to "put out fires" and run from one crisis to the next (HORRIBLY frustrating when you are only able to tend to the immediate issue and not have the time to take care of the "extras" that really shouldn't be considered extra).

    Thankfully, I had an entire WEEK of this sort of experience. Times like these help me get through the "icky times" and remind me of why I entered this Profession in the first place.

    (btw... the paycheck isn't a bad incentive either <w> )
  2. by   micro
    nittlebug stated it so well above.......
    and others so true.........
    and yes, thx.....this is truly an uplifting thread............

    micro $0.02.........

    there is something about nursing and medicine for me that goes beyond words........the science and the mystery of the human body and mind..the preciseness and yet art of the human body.........

    the connection that you have with your patients and that you develop with your coworkers.....

    the shared connection that we (here on this bb) share.....even not working together......we are in this thing together..........

    and knowing that I can make a difference!

    lol all
  3. by   CATHYW
    Nittlebug-you spoke my mind. There is nothing like being challenged, on the spot, and being able to meet that challenge, or figure out a way to do it.
    I also like the respect that (most) ER nurses get from the docs. Once they figure out that you know what you are doing, they even brainstorm with you when a difficult diagnosis comes along!
  4. by   hapeewendy
    for me I would have to say its the fine combination of having to use your brain and your heart daily in what you do
    not many jobs offer that
    I have always ohhhed and ahhhhhhed over things scientific and illnesses etc, but the ability to see past the disease and affliction and get to know your patient is why I do what I do
    its nice to have a job that you feel you excel in...
    its nice to bond with fellow co workers who understand where youre coming from and who support you daily, its nice to contribute and converse wtih nurses worldwide, via this bulletin board
    because we all get eachother
    no matter where you are, its a universal term
    we are nurses and despite what public opinion, politics etc may say, that means something
    something you cant beat
    be proud of yourselves,I'm proud of all of you

    and okay on a less hokey note, the jokes that come from nursing are hilarious!!!!!! its just one of those jobs that lends itself easily to humour and jokes..... always a bonus

    and the uniforms, we all look ever so sexy in those right ?