What is your title and what state/province are you in? - page 6

Since I can't do a poll with 50+ choices how about this? I am RN South Carolina... Read More

  1. by   Mary Dover
    RN in North Carolina
  2. by   Brian
    RN in Minnesota
  3. by   PhantomRN
    RN in ICU/CCU.........I love intials as well.
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  4. by   bobbiesal
    Currently, I'm a Nurse Practitioner in an ambulatory neurology clinic. However, I'm leaving to take a position as the manager of clinical research for the organization I work for. I live in Wisconsin, work in Minnesota. I have very mixed feelings about this, my heart remains at bedside nursing. I miss the Peds ICU every day. It's just that our Peds ICU here is just not a place I wish to practice....
  5. by   merzoro
    RN in Upstate NY Orienting in the OR
  6. by   D. Rowe
    RN, CEN--Pa.
  7. by   ChristyM
    LPN Louisiana
  8. by   Ivy Purdom
    I am an RGN from Northumberland, England
  9. by   Lynn_RN
    RN in Kentucky
  10. by   Suzypee
    I am an RN,BSN from Ohio
  11. by   crrnmanager
    I am RN in Michigan
  12. by   Lisah
    RN from New Brunswick Canada, enrolled in my post RN to BN program.
  13. by   sloddesol
    cathlab RN in California