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Just wondering, to all the nurses out there what do you deem your biggest weakness??? :coollook:... Read More

  1. by   elthia
    My biggest weakness. Certain family members, not all just a certain type. The type that are never there when something is taught to the patient, or the patient signs a consent for a procedure. Those drive me insane when they do show up and start screaming at the nurse's about the patient's treatment plan. Or "how dare you let them take him to surgery, I have durable POA, I didnt' sign consent, and he has a chance of dying in surgery, the doctor said so!!!!". "well, yes ma'am you do, but technically the patient is alert, Oriented x4, deemed competent and he agreed to the surgery and signed the consent. Your POA doesn't kick in until he is deemed incompetent or incapable of making those type of decisions." ( the patient made it through fine, though he did spend a week on the unit. Found out later he changed his POA.)

    I also have problems being sympathetic to the "prodigal" who shows up after the patient's been on the floor for 2-3 months battling terminal cancer, and has decided to go to comfort care. The "prodigal" usually doesn't show up until after the patient has slipped into a coma, and then threatens to report us all for letting the patient die.
  2. by   goats'r'us
    my biggest weakness is a tie between my hatred of ADLs (though i wouldn't call that a weakness really, as i'm damned good at avoiding them), and pinching lemanade from the pantry.
  3. by   Stray Kitty
    My biggest weakness is my sense of smell. I mean, I have a nose like a Bloodhound. I even once paid an NA $5.00 to empty a BSC for me. The patient was passing old blood
  4. by   TriskixRN
    My weakness.... still the same since nursing school in 93-94... everything is still pretty much "black and white".... still having trouble with working in "the grey". To me, things are either right or wrong. I am a perfectionist by nature and nursing is sometimes difficult because I don't like to mislead anyone and think things should be done "by the book" in most every circumstance. I am getting a little bit better... I even have gotten to where I don't feel guilty for giving the siblings of my patient a little snack out of the "pantry" on my floor even though the snacks "are for the patients only". Love kids too much to give just the patient a snack and let the siblings "starve".
    from a place on the peds floor lost somewhere in the deep south...