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I recently took a part time job at a local hospital and cut down to part time at the LTC facility that I have been working at for the past 3 years. I have been very happy with both jobs until a... Read More

  1. by   JacknSweetpea
    Hmmm...I can certainly understand the "small-town stuff" since I live in one as well. However, were you friends with this nasty nurse before? If not, why does she know anything about your home life? I'm very leery of sharing personal info at work because of the whole "small town" effect. There's a lot of gossip that goes around and I've seen nurses walked out of the facility because they "angered" their friend in management.....not even about a job issue. I'm pretty secretive. When I told a few people that I enjoy working with that I was getting married.....they were surprised because no one even knew I was even dating anyone!! Be careful, and dust of that resume!!! Sending good luck your way!! *wine
  2. by   Zookeeper3
    you've gotten great advice so far. The problem is the 'small town'. Everything is shared and those that don't understand that, simply can't.

    So you either stand your ground with the excellent advice you've been offered or drive and move out. But be warned, this nurse behavior exists everywhere. It strongly behooves you to learn how to deal with this type of antagonism and learn to meet it head on early in you career, because you can't always run if stuck where you are.

    We all, and I promise you we all encounter this type of crap in one way or another against us, stopping it and learning how to deal with it by buying books, reading and learning ways gives us the skills to addresses it head on, stop it and really work on changing the culture.

    Sure, it's not up to you, you just simply can move, but you'll reach a point were you can't run any longer. And it's best to face it head on, as difficult as it is now, imagine 10 years if learned running with no skill set to fight and stay. you'll hit that point soon enough and be so set on the practice of running you'll be lost.

    So buy some books that you'll think will help, read them up and down and do practice runs of situations of good friends that will give you feedback as to how to improve. Only you will choose when to inact these new skills, you'll do much of it wrong, try again and again and get astute until it's second nature.

    These skills are not nursing specific but are held true to just about all forms of business and dealing with difficult people. It's just harder for us as nurses, because we need these folks to have trust in them to have our backs and you need to teach them how to do that, because you'll have THEIRS when they prove themselves to you. When they realize how it works, and you'll have to teach them, and it syncs up.. it's a beautiful group of people whom have each others backs.

    At some point, you will have to stop running and take a stand, just food for thought.
  3. by   HappyBunnyNurse
    I too live in a very small town (though I work in a large town---long drive --sigh). However I did at one point work in the small town (teacher then--- before nursing school---- EVERYONE talks about you if you are a teacher). One of my colleagues made this statement about someone who had treated her badly at work and was making disparaging statements about her in the community. "Here I'm a professional, but eventually everyone has to go to the Walmart." Meaning that she was gonna get hers if she ran into my friend at the Walmart or the one grocery store. I'm not suggesting. you give her the beat down at the Piggly Wiggly........ just food for thought........