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just graduated as an RN and is given an RN job but has not taken the boards... I was told something like this exists... anyone know?... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    check with your State Board of Nursing. and your facility. AS you can can, this varies.
  2. by   TLC RN
    Quote from RNnTraining1973
    In NV, you are a Graduate Nurse until you pass your boards (you have 3 or 4 months after school to do this). GN's are precepted with an RN, but you provide all care and pass all meds for the patient. The catch? In cases like mine, you are only oriented for 3 weeks!! So after that time, if I have not taken (and passed) my boards, I will be unable to work in either capacity (GN or RN). Because my orientation to the ICU is so short, I only have 3 weeks to get those boards taken or I can't work. For those who have not been Apprentice Nurses, they have I think a 12-week orientation so they can take advantage of the full 3 months after finishing school before they have to pass boards.

    But at least it's motivation to get my boards over and done with. Plus, the GN's start at $22.86 and RN's $23.96. So there is $$ motivation as well.

    Sorry for the sidebar, but Melanie, how come your training to the ICU is so short? I hear of new grads getting 12-16 weeks...