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I watched an episode of Scrubs, and it was quite upsetting. In it the Intern makes the nurse feel lowly for being a nurse and even raves at her "I will be the doctor and you just be the nurse" and... Read More

  1. by   tonicareer
    yes scrubs does a disservice to nurses but then boston public makes teachers look like idiots and ally mcbeal made attorneys look like morons. Catch houston medical this tuesday at 10:00 on abc it is fantastic.
  2. by   BadBird
    As an experienced ICU nurse I have saved many Dr's Asses, I for one am tired of teaching residents, each month it is a new flavor if you know what I mean, they seem to come less prepared, some don't even know basic pharmacology. You can't even get a tylenol order without them looking up in their palm pilot how to order it. Oh well, I guess that is how they learn but I am tired of them not knowing V Tach from artifact and ordering the wrong med during a code. Thank god for us nurses!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. by   mattsmom81
    I happened to catch a rerun of China Beach and was glad I did...it was a good series ....and portrayed nurses more realistically than most shows, IMO.

    My poor dear Mother never DID get over her disappointment that I did not have a torrid affair and/or marry a doc. Too many General Hospital episodes I'm sure. :roll
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    My poor hubby confessed to me near the end of my nursing program, that he was worried that once I was a "professional," that I'd "run off with some Doc."

  5. by   wsu.rn
    In reponse to prn nurse's comment

    Coming from a bsn education I feel and was taught that nurses are much more than "physicians assisants" I am insulted by your comment. Maybe that is how nurses were thought of 40 years ago but not in this day and age. I do not just "carry out physicians orders". Many a times I have found absurd orders written that I question. Nurses now do more than they ever had, times have changed and so has nursing