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  1. by   rdhdnrs
    two vials of pitocin, usually a tube of erythromycin, report sheet, a tourniquet, IV catheters, change, an accucheck strip, lancet, pens, scissors, some odd little plastic thing I can't identify, my last paycheck stub, credit union withdrawal slip, and a note to call my mortgage company!!!!
  2. by   ruby360
    Lets see ... I've got several pens, a highlighter, a black shapie, lots of alcohol pads, ekg pads, tape, money, scissors, saline flushes, iv connectors, tele strips, non-latex gloves, and stickers for dating IVs and tubing ... usually goes right into my locker at the end of shift and I put it all back in my pockets the next time I work.
  3. by   Babe
    Was feeling a little down until I came here to see what you were up to, wonderful light hearted feelings now!!! Thanks for the laughs!!! I'm one of those over the hill nursing students and for now my pockets are pretty empty, clinicals start in a few weeks ! Back to the books for now, hope if I make it I get to work with someone like most of you, you give me hope without knowing it!! Thanks
  4. by   RNConnieF
    2 black pens. one red. a pencil, a mini flashlight, 2 Sharpies one black one blue, a TEDS measuring tape, a TegaDerm wound measuring sheet, my med key, my pager, the cell phone issued to me at the start of each shift, the cc legend for I&O, alcohol swabs, alligator clips, scissors, hemostats, clamps, clear tape, paper tape, silk tape, Carpujets, Tubex, 2X2's, turonquets. You name, it I have it.
  5. by   simao pt
    Six pen: two blue, one black, one red, one pink (just in case), one green; a scissor, note book, paper with info, a couple of IV caths and connectors, money, empty vials of meds, my ID card, small cards to place the new patients name, needles (not opened), "compressas", a lighter (and i dont smoke!), a couple of gloves, unused lancets, the "tape for the glicemia machine", and keys.
    This is what i usually find at the ened of the shift. But sometimes there're surprises and i find a lot more...
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  6. by   KaroSnowQueen
    Three pens, highlighter, alcohol preps, scissors, keys to my car, a couple dollars, mint wrappers, carmex, 2x2's, alligator clips, saline locks, name tag, post it's, 8x11 piece of paper folded in fourths to write all my crap on that I need to remember, transpore tape, and an extra roll of tape, either paper or silK, and a bottle of Excedrin.
  7. by   FullMoonMadness
    I have a jar on my bathroom counterthat tis full of alcohols wipes(many with phone orders on them),blunts for syringes,partial rolls of tape,etc. In our lounge at work we have a "dumping box" that we are supposed to use on our way out the door. I used to use it till I threw my Marlboro light in and had none on the way home!
  8. by   bestblondRN
    mastisol, suture, steristrips, medipore tape, scissors, pens x 2, my Karmex and some Eclipse gum (gotta' smell my own breath behind that mask, ya' know!). My "lockermate" and I are going to clean out the bottom of our locker this week and restock at least one of the OR rooms.......