What is a PCT?

  1. Hi everyone, I am confused. My friend told me her sister is just starting Nursing School and she has only done her core classes. She informed me she got a PCT job, and that you don't need a degree for that. Can someone tell me what a PCT does? She said, her sister was taught to draw blood, it was a week long class. Do you have to be certified by the hospital? Also, her sister had no previous experience in the medical field.

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  3. by   pricklypear
    Sounds to me like a patient care tech. Basically a nurse aide, without "formal" certification. Usually trained directly by the hospital, to do whatever the hospital decides is their scope. PCTs I have worked with have done vital signs, monitored intake(fluid) and output(urine), assisted with mobility and feeding, turning, answered call lights, and checked blood sugars. It will depend on the hospital, but some are trained to take blood, and insert foley caths. I've worked with many PCTs who had no previous medical or nursing experience.
  4. by   plchavard
    I'm currently going through my CNA training and when I'm finished with that I have a 4 week PCT class. It is like it was stated, CNA work plus cath's, blood draws etc.
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  6. by   unknown99
    At the hospital where I work, PCTs are called patient care technicians.
  7. by   Kitkat23
    PCT stands for Patient Care Technician. It's an advanced CNA course at a hospital or community college. They learn more advanced skills and the course I'm taking is excellent. I'm learning to discontinue foleys and IVs, bladder scanning, emptying JPs and Hemovacs, simple dressing changes, sterile techniques, using the pulse oximeter and Dynamap, changing a colostomy bag, oral suctioning, applying oxygen equipment, suicide watches, accuchecks, collecting urine, stool, and sputum specimens, caring for postop patients, etc. I finished the classroom portion and will start clinical at the local hospital on Monday. I'm very excited but I'm very nervous at the same time. :chuckle