What influenced your decision to become a nurse?

  1. For me, It was reading Cherry Ames books. She had such
    a vast array of careers even then ! I loved the series. It was my
    favorite series next to Nancy Drew as a kid.

    For Cherry Ames fans, here's a great link!

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  3. by   neetnik461
    For me it was pure practicality. Nursing is a wide open field with near 100% job placement and decent pay. Shortages are expected for at least the next 10 years. Also, I knew that I could go into this field and not experience "middle age" job discrimination (as I went back to school after being a stay at home mom for 18 years).

    I know of women who have returned to school after raising the kids to pursue master's degrees in education (they want to teach school) they graduate and cannot find a job. One lady I know has been trying to get a teaching position for almost 3 years (she is the same age as me), the schools are just not hiring new grads in their 40's, she currently works at American Greetings in a secretarial position. Her husband works with my husband and was floored to find out that I had multiple job offers waiting for me as a new BSN graduate (now his wife is contemplating going back to school for nursing).

    Another lady I know has a PHD in Psychology and is trying to find a ground floor teaching position on the University level (after years of staying home to raise the kids) . . .also cannot find a job and basically is faced with "where have you been the last 20 years??". Ironically I also know a lady who was an RN for many years and got burned out (even though she worked part time in a doctors office ???), went back to school for a degree in education and guess what . . . can't find a job . . .she let her RN license lapse . . .oops!
  4. by   vamedic4
    For me it was a chance to move up from my current job. I've worked as a field EMT, then medic, then I got fed up with the pay and hours and began work in the hospital. Now that I've got many years experience I seek to expand my knowledge base and abilities by becoming a nurse.
    It doesn't hurt that doors are wide open to you once you become an RN, either!! Much moreso than life as a paramedic.

    getting ready to study
  5. by   traumaRUs
    For me, it was the stability and ability to get a job wherever we ended up moving (dh is retired military). After 10 years in the ER, I realize that life can never be taken for granted either.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    The seemingly wide availability of jobs influenced my decision to become a nurse. I worked at a factory for three years and, while the job paid decently, I was fully aware that I could be laid off at any time without the option of finding another job easily. When compared to manufacturing, there seems to be more job security in nursing.
  7. by   TazziRN
    Can't say anything influenced it, or I don't remember if something did. I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a small child. I remember reading the Sue Something books, all about Florence and Clara and doctor stories.....anything to do with nursing/hospitals.