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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   helenrnurse
    The feeling of satisfaction I get at the end of the night. I work nights to avoid the doctors & politics. Nights are more patient focused rather than paperwork.
  2. by   Irish339
    I can talk to a person with an arrow sticking out of their head...and it seems normal.
    I have eaten salad during ER potlucks out of emesis basins...and that seems normal.
    I know which hospitals around me serve red jello.
    We get to go to work in our pajamas.
    I am thankful for even mediocre coffee.
    I get to take the pain away. I get to make a small difference in someones' life..... Probably a difference we aren't even aware of.
  3. by   swiftdr
    I came to nursing in my mid 30s and love my career. I touch people's lives positively everyday and I make a difference everyday.

    I was a paramedic for several years, got a BS in Education, taught paramedics at the community college full time for several years.... then my daughter was born... I looked at how much I was working in my full time job (60-80 hours/week) added to that my part time medic job (12-24 hours/week) and how much I was making (50 K/year)... two years later I was an ADN RN working three days/week and making more than I had been as a full time college instructor and a part time medic. My daughter is 7 next month and I am the Clinical Coordinator of a 24 bed step-down unit at a academic/magnet hospital and I have an amazing life - both professionally and family.

    If I were to tell any young person a career to look at it would be Nursing. It certainly is not for everyone and I think the wrong types of people are being attracted to the profession (either not physically, mentally or emotionally capable of being a nurse) but if you have what it takes this is an amazing profession...

    In Upstate NY where I live, this is the only career where jobs are readily available and starting pay is in the mid $20/hour with an Associate's Degree... There is extraordinary flexibility and diversity in this field (school nurse, flight nurse, ICU/SCU/CCU, clinic nurse, research nurse, et cetera ad infinitum) potential advancement -- NP, Clinical Nurse Specialist, CRNA and most institutions are paying for education...

    My long term plan is to attend CRNA school. My institution has tuition agreements with 5 schools AND they will pay me a living stipend while I am in school. They start CRNAs out at $140,000/year...

    What other profession are jobs readily available, there are diverse opportunities available, education is paid for and pay is above average?
  4. by   zuzi
    You can make a difference in a people life. What I love is that you could think, analyze and action, and comunicate with your team in the same time for your patient good. Your good thinking analyzing and actions could help people .

    When I will be not able to do all this four ((thinking, analyzing, actions and communication) involving my slef and all that I am in people care , I will renonce at nursing carrier!
  5. by   mashael
    i love every thing about nursing ,because nurses are as angels so i think angels do every things good......
  6. by   squirlkeeperCCRN
    always having the funniest story at the camp fire..."come on...tell us another nursing story" lol!
  7. by   MyPurposeDrivenLife
    I am so happy to have found positive things said about being a nurse. I went back to school 2 years ago to pursue my desire to become one. I was excited to have found this website a few months ago but lately I've found a lot of negative postings about being a nurse. It was starting to make me doubt my decision. Since this is my second career in life, I want to make sure I am choosing the right profession for me. I am very patient, caring and love helping others. I love learning and teaching as well. I've been wanting to become a nurse for over 15 years now but I am finally serious about doing it. I hope to continue loving it once I finish school. Some positive reinforcement along the way helps keep me motivated. This was very helpful. Thanks to all. I hope to find more postings like this.
  8. by   djbrn17
    what i love about nursing is that you have a chance of meeting different kinds of people not only your patients but your co-worker. nursing can teach you a lot of things which can help you to become a better person..one thins is very important to us is the tender loving care that we are rendering to our patient.
  9. by   makymac
    nursing is an art... how we take precaution on different matter in regards to our job... render care TLC that we can carry also apply in our respected families...
  10. by   bsn2011
    Well Nursing is easier than Accounting... maybe because i have passion
  11. by   xviii-xxv
    the profession, the opportunity to help, the challenges, making a difference..
  12. by   dragonfly43
    It provides me with the ability to make a difference in someone else's life.
  13. by   Tolos
    I love nursing because it gives me the opportunity to serve other people while being paid and recieve smiles, thanks yous, little gifts that I will have done without.
    I love playing a part in the relief of someone's pain and being a confidant and appreciated as a healer, be respected by friends, families and neighbors everywhere I go.
    I love to wake up to a job that I am off every weekends every holidays some paid holidays with good benefits for my family and I.
    I love to work with great and smart MDs one of which will be on TV soon for diagnosing a patient with 7yrs illness that no other MD have been able to diagnose and treat.
    I love nursing because I can never be out of work wherever I go in the world.
    The pay is not terrible, I can buy a home, it helped me when I was single and now as a married woman, I can always survive a financial crunch with the pay I recieve as a Nurse.
    OH, how I love to be a NURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!