What freaks you out?

  1. I'm a psychiatric nurse at a psych hospital, so I don't see a lot of the stuff you guys do, but the one thing I can not stand is fecal matter. I've seen it smeared on the wall with Hieroglyphics painted into it, I've had to break them up with a coat hanger just to be able to flush it, and I've seen it in an ashtray looking like something from a Dairy Queen (I've never eaten ice creeam in a swirl since that day) And every time we get a bowel baby I run for the washroom to toss my cookies.
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  3. by   greg in mass
    I've seen alot of interesting things working in psyche.... As far as something similar to your posting..... Well I have seen clients intentionally consume their own fecal matter and buy urine from other clients for consumation as well. Sometimes you have to learn a good way to detach yourself from your natural reactions to be able to tolerate the psyche field, because you tend to see alot of strange things.

  4. by   CC NRSE

    I can't even begin to imagine!!!! Guess that's why I'm NOT a psych nurse!!!
    It's bad enough just to have to clean up poop!!! Then, if it's frequant, they usually buy a Butt Bag!!!!

    Good thing about hearts, that don't happen to often!!!!!
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Heh, yeah, aren't butt-bags wonderful things? Never used 'em in Med-Surg but use 'em all the time in ICU. Our saying: "fecal bags rule!" And..."Protect the fecal bag adherence at all times!"
  6. by   rn500
    I have a pretty strong stomach, but I can't handle body parts that are not where they are supposed to be! I worked ER for a while, and when someone came in with a severed (or even partially) *anything* I ran the other way! BLECCHHH!

  7. by   egmillard
    Not much freaks me out, except cardiac arrests.
  8. by   CC NRSE
    Yeah ZEE, butt bags are GREAT!!! If the patient stays in the unit long enough, they eventually buy one. Rectal tubes (30 fr catheter with the tip cut off)are great also!!! Haven't met a patient yet I couldn't cure of the runs with either or BOTH!!!!

    Stay in CC long enough and I'm sure you'll perfect it too!!!!