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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   Doc
    Okay, here's a few good ones. One time at the gastroenterology ward a resident was trying to assess what was causing a mysterious GI pain for the last 24 hours. The patient was kind of vague about it, and none of the history seemed to match anything. The resident decided to do a PR, put on gloves and went in. In next to no time he pulled out a vibrator that was still buzzing, and remarked: "isn't that a great advertisement for Eveready!" Another patient had an x-ray and they found a mouse skeleton in his rectum. In the ER there was this woman who dropped her husband off, saying he was bleeding. On her way out the triage nurse noticed she threw something in the bin. It turned out to be his penis. Luckily they were able to sew it back on.

    When I worked in the psych unit I got used to seeing some pretty strange behaviour, but no-one is exempt from being surprised from time to time. There was one patient who pulled out both his eyes and ate them - the voices told him to do it. The doctor used to affectionately refer to him as "socket head". I thought nurses were the twisted ones!!! One of the psych nurses who was like a veteran - had been there 30 years - told me there were two people that used to get their rocks off by putting their members in the wringers on the washing machines and rolling the wringers up and down. OOOOOOOW!

    I personally can handle sputum, urine from catheterised patients, vomit, eyeballs, cauterized flesh, maggots and all that sort of stuff but I can't stand the sound of bones being sawed or the stench of malaena. Most people haven't seen true malaena. I once had to clean up an elderly guy who was swimming in malaena - the real black stuff. The only thing that smells worse is a cadaver that has been left for a few days.

  2. by   Ann4
    The one procedure that really freaked me out and almost made me pass out was watching a neurosurgeon insert a ventriculostomy drain at the bedside. The patient was fully awake (think "Hannibal"). The doctor was standing at the head of the bed, drilling away with the hand drill and cracking jokes about the man not having osteoporosis because his skull was so hard. The worst part was when he threaded this long needle into the guy's head and out the second hole. I felt my knees about to give out. (This happened during my orientation in Neuro ICU.)

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  3. by   Ann4
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  4. by   laurasc
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay:
    Laura: ROFLMAO!! Only a nurse could laugh at something so gross! And only a nurse would respond as that one did..."sorry, couldn't measure the contents of the cansiter!" Hope you gave her some sort of medal for maintaining her cool while under fire!
    Actually, I think all she got was a 30 minute shower and a scrub suit to wear that day. By the time I left the floor, she was still known as the bile nurse. We would all scatter when she would approach an NG tube.

    BTW...I just noticed, you're in Richmond Hill? We're almost neighbours...I'm in Burlington. Howdy NeighboUr! (written like a true Cannuck! )

  5. by   winniewoman9060
    try large open wounds i had a pt with a hemipelvectomy many years ago. it was the 24 fluffs and abd etc. full isolation, and it still stunk!!

    also drilling burr holes one time in the icu made me a bit ughhh
  6. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by MartyL:
    Oh guys, between the laughing and the gagging I think this is the best I've seen yet. Having been a respiratory therapist you would think secretions are a breeze for me--well they are so long as they don't touch any part of my skin! I had a luggie lunged at me from a trache with me at the foot of the bed and the sprinkles across my face made me want to barf right there and then! I ran to the bathroom as soon as I put the vent back on the patient and scrubbed my face with betadine soap! Next would have to be teeth--dentures! I'm sorry but I tell my patients I don't "do" dentures. I will given them the cup and the essentials but I cannot stand teeth. Nor can I watch someone brush their teeth. The white foam churns my stomach -- I myself rinse my mouth AND toothbrush a dozen times to brush my own teeth. I can't stand that yuky white foamy stuff in my mouth.
    And last but not least, would have to be any kind of malodororus hinny. Its bad enough having to hold your breath through a catherterization; I could NEVER be on the other end of the speculum! Yuk! I have no idea how male GYN docs can go home to their women after a heavy day at the clinic!

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    Don't ya think that the wives of male gyns use alot of douche? ROFLMAO!!!

  7. by   Jay-Jay
    Hi, Laura! Our landlord lives in Burlington, he's the minister at a church there, and his wife works as a nurse at St. Mike's in Toronto! Small world!

    Isn't it great being able to laugh about this stuff? How often have you had your family throw up their hands just as you're getting to the good part, and say, "STOP! NO MORE NURSING STORIES>>>>I' DON"T need to hear this!!"

    About the woman who tossed her husband's penis in the trash: remember the Bobbitt case? Didya know that after it was all over, both John and Lorena got new jobs? She works for Magicuts, and he works for Snap-on-Tools!

    Yuk, yuk, ain't I awful!!
  8. by   Elenaster
    Boy did I ever jinx myself by posting on this one. I went to work today (in the ED) and we had 3 GI bleeds! The first one was an elderly woman that was having melena stools about every 15 minutes (eeewwww, the smell!). The next was doing the same thing and was going into hypovolemic shock, but the last one takes the cake. He was in liver failure and came in having huge amounts of coffee-ground emesis. We put an NG down him and he was filling up those cannisters FAST. Gastro came down with their portable endoscope and did their thing but the doc had to pull the NG. Of course he started puking again and this time it had big chunks of fecal material in it (YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!) It then started coming out the other end and by this point he was just swimming in it, we turned him over to clean the bed and I felt something liquid run down my leg (AAACCCKKK!) I had pretty much had enough at this point and after I came back from changing my scrubs, I found out he was VRE positive.
  9. by   rjcpdc01
    God this brings back memories. Well, gangrenous leg ulcers and psuedomonas trache secretions absolutely REEK!

    But you guys made me remember something I found right after I got out of nursing school. Dean, a fellow new grad, and I were spiffing up a new admit from the LTC. She was very young, but had a neuromuscular disorder noone could put a diagnosis on. I had worked in the ICU as a SNA for 2 years, but poor DEAN had only been in the ICU for 5 months. I started doing mouth care, and found something hanging in the back of her throat. He got a tongue blade and I had the tonsil suction and we pulled out this huge glob of GOOK. I mean it looked like a RAW OYSTER! I looked over at Dean and asked him if he had a cracker. He turned green and almost passed out. I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard I was about to pee my pants....whew! Thanks for a good laugh!
  10. by   beckyjo
    I had a quadraplegic patient that asked me to hold the kleenex while he blew his nose. He liteally filled the kleenex! I tried so hard not to have a disgusted look on my face as i felt the warmth of the mucous in the kleenex. I thought I was going to vomit right there.
  11. by   nursejones4
    You know, I have only been a nurse for about 8 months now, but the grossest thing I've seen so far is penile implants. I've seen them get infected and rot away. Or mummified body parts. Putting someones shirt on and fearing that you'll find a finger on the floor when you finished. Yuck!!!!!!!!
  12. by   Q.
    Drains and having to empty the bloody, pus filled, whatever it is that is draining into those digusting little bulbs - ICK. Also, anything that is draining from the head - eye drainage, head wounds, snot, ear wax and sputum.
    The one thing that nearly got me to faint was the flashback of blood into the IV tubing - like when you go to withdraw air and forget to clamp off the tubing at the site, and WHAM the tubing is like in a micro-second filled with blood. That creeps me out. Also, in our OB unit, when the anesthesia machine in our OR is beeping and the lights are off - that gives me the whillies.
  13. by   Doc
    Oh yeah I just remembered the pt at neurosurgery, who had an abcess in her skull. They actually tried grafting the bone segment back on, but she ended up getting meningitis, and the site kept getting reinfected, and they had to debride. She wasn't helping things out by picking the scab all the time. Eventually there was almost nothing left to debride and her brain had herniated through the hole in her skull (gives the word "conehead" a whole new meaning!), and because there was no skin you could SEE it! Everyone kept trying to reinforce the importance of infection control measures and told her not to touch the wound. "This is your BRAIN!" we would say. By this time small bits of her brain came off with the debridement. One registrar was of the opinion that she was just too far gone (neurologically) to understand how she contributed to her state. The neurosurgeon said he thought she understood, but he knew she had broken parole and this was her way of staying out of prison. I don't think I could be that desperate in her situation.