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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from i_oyvey
    nurses that do not wash their hands before gloving up. i assume and maybe incorrectly that when a nurse or anyone else that comes into my room has dirty hands. if their hands are dirty and they grab a pair of gloves the gloves are now soiled by their dirty hands. nurses that hand me a cup full of pills and say here take these and when i question them about what i am taking they respond same thing you took yesterday. selfishly i want the nurse to open the pill in front of me and tell me what it is before they put it in the cup. it may be the same exact medicine i take at home, however i can identify my medication at home, the meds at the hospital sometimes look different. when i refuse they become upset because they have to go through the entire production again. i get that but would it not be easier to do it right the first time. the last thing is when a pill gets dropped on the floor and the nurse picks it up and gives it to me as if i am going to put something in my mouth that has been on the floor of the hospital. i am not being picky, i am just trying to protect myself, i don't think that is too much to ask, but then again i am only the patient not the nurse.
    i'm allergic to so many meds that when i'm hospitalized, i ask what each one is. if it upsets or slows the nurse down, tough. i don't mean side effects when i say allergies either. the meds cause great big giant-sized hives, rashes, and sometimes, anaphylactic reactions. you'd better believe i ask.
  2. by   Chixie
    Quote from Goofball
    OK, now you got me started. This could be addictive. A few more crrreeeepies or bizares:
    The patient whose balls were exposed (I mean, the testicles, the cords, the vessels, all just hanging out, with the scrotal sac split open and peeled back). Yiiii I'm not even a guy, and I could barely stand to look at that, it gave me this sickly twinge in my stomach and spine.
    Had one of those recently *shudder* Poor chappie had a nut hanging out and a wound that stretched from behind his sack up to just beyond his belly button and was very very deep. The doc asked for two of us to hold the patients overhang back whilst he cleaned the wound. I was trying not to stare,ive not seen such a deep wound,full thickness.
  3. by   ArmyWife11B
    I hate peeling or loose, or flaky skin.....EWWWW. There was a pt I took care of that had a drug rxn that made the Epidermis fall off...just peeling away like a sun burn, & he was confused so he would take the skin and just set it on his bed side table...and guess who would have to come pick it up and discard it?...This girl! eeeewwww
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    The sound of someone's head cracking the floor or other hard surface.
  5. by   carolmaccas66
    I saw a seasoned nurse nearly faint when the hip is disjointed b4 a hip replacement - she grabbed my hand (I was a 3rd yr student RN then) & said she always hated that bit, that ccrrr-grr-aaACK! sound.
    Had to clean a MASSIVE spinal/hip wound as the patient was having a very large flap re-sited from his body to cover the wound, so it had to be VERY clean for the surgeons. Had half my arm in there, he had developed more massive infection overnight the other nurse said, and the dressings removed were green, slimy and absolutely foul-smelling. I could feel the slime thru my gloves and remember wondering what it would feel like with naked hands. Even the seasoned nurse next to me kept saying: just breathe thru ur mouth, keep breathing thru ur mouth. Got thru that one, only felt a bit of nausea, but that was waaaay bad.
  6. by   carolmaccas66
    I also remember taking off this old guy's socks in some medical ward somewhere, and I SWEAR TO GOD half his skin came off with it. I don't think his socks had been changed since forever. His nails were all fungated and obviously infected, hadn't been cut in ages and the smell was something out of this world.
    I thankfully was not on the next shift and didn't have to clean them - yucky, yucky!!!
  7. by   carolmaccas66
    Oh one more I just got reminded of:
    Went to go to the loo in a large, teaching hospital, was rushing...and ended up slipping all over the floor. I looked down, thinking kids have been shooting water all over the floor from the tap - and was standing in a pool of very bright, red, obviously new, very clotted blood. My first thought was: where is the person that this blood came from?? I then thought someone might have had a miscarriage, got confused and was wandering round the hospital. I ran back to my office, called security and they searched the ENTIRE hospital (no mean feat I can tell you). They searched all the toilets/change rooms, male & female, and didn't find anyone. I wondered if it was a woman who had had a really heavy period, but as one other poster said, it was like a murder scene from a Stephen King novel. I could almost visualise the words REDRUM written on the mirror! I wonder if it was a post surgical patient who'd got up and wandered off the ward too, but no-one was reported missing, as far as I know.
    I apologised profusely to the poor cleaning service when I rang for them to come close & fumigate the toilet. They were wearing space suits after they saw what they had to deal with - poor things!
  8. by   carolmaccas66
    Quote from sharpeimom
    i'm allergic to so many meds that when i'm hospitalized, i ask what each one is. if it upsets or slows the nurse down, tough. i don't mean side effects when i say allergies either. the meds cause great big giant-sized hives, rashes, and sometimes, anaphylactic reactions. you'd better believe i ask.
    kathy i always tell my patients their meds b4 i give them, and encourage them to question what they're being given. it's good that you do this.
  9. by   finn55
    Quote from dawngloves
    I knew a nurse that couldn't handle dentures! She told me it was worse in the old days before gloves and people would just pop 'em out and hand them to ya!
    My very first day of clinicals in LPN school . . .there I was all crisp and pressed in the long term care facility, believing I was going to be the best nurse ever. Get the picture? This little old lady, about 4'10, sweet as could be -- comes up to me and taps me on the arm. When I turned around, she spit her dentures FULL OF OATMEAL into my hand. Oh, I had to struggle that day! It was like, "Down stomach, easy boy, down now." Since then, any time I get into anything that tests my mettle, I remember those cruddy dentures. If I didn't fizzle out that day, anything else pales in comparison. Suction gunk, though, isn't a favorite of mine, either.
  10. by   finn55
    Quote from ShannonB25
    Oh my, nursejanedough, popping out the glass eyeball- now that is sick!
    Back at the LTC again, we also had a lady with a glass eye. As she got more debilitated, she didn't want to wear the eye anymore. We kept the eye in a lidded specimen cup in the med room. All of us nurses SWORE that that eye followed us everywhere we went in the med room. The eye finally went into the locked cabinet. It still was ICKY to open the cabinet and have that d*** eye staring back! (This could have made a good Hitchcock movie -- The Eye Saw All)
  11. by   finn55
    Quote from Michelle in Texas
    Well, I guess the most abhorent thing I have found is fresh colostomys....makes me gag and just want to run....and I mean run...the smell permeates everthing...can't wait to get home and take a bath ....and use lots of soap!

    Texan Frog

    How about ileostomies??
  12. by   DookieMeisterRN
    Quote from finn55
    How about ileostomies??
    At least they don't smell like colostomies
  13. by   Laboratorian
    Working as a medical assistant at an abortion clinic: products of conception

    The smell of blood and flesh was just too fresh. Everyone else swore they could not smell it. I was dry heaving all day at work.