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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   BigBub1000
    What freaked me out was when doctor was asked to give some cough med to a patient who was coughing his brains out all night and no one had bothered to get him an order. Doctor's reply was "He's a whiner. Let him cough." I thought Huh? You don't like the guy so you're going to let him suffer? I felt like calling Protective Services but then saw doctor start writing for Robitussin after all. Should have been codeine but I have seen where the OTC suppressant works just as well.
  2. by   Tonjia
    sputum.. and trach gak. ewwwwww
  3. by   nursingstudent221
    Cleaning poop......sorry to put it like that but for real i am sooo freaked out about cleaning up poop off of some one. But hey you gotta do what you gotta do right!
  4. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from nursingstudent221
    cleaning poop......sorry to put it like that but for real i am sooo freaked out about cleaning up poop off of some one. but hey you gotta do what you gotta do right!
    try vicks or tuck a cotton ball with a drop or two of oil if peppermint or wintergreen into your bra. if the smell is truly obnoxious, a spearmint or peppermint teabag tucked behind your mask will help a lot. believe it or not, you really will become used to a lot of bad smells as you gain more experience. with poop and barf cleaning up, just keep in mind that your patient is uncomfortable and embarassed that you have to do it. :imbar

    shar pei mom
  5. by   CNA2day
    The grossest thing I have ever seen (and I put it on another post as well) was this little ol lady on the LTC unit where I work who takes out her glass eyes and washes it in her mouth! Meanwhile, there is green discharge around her eye!


    OMG I am on page 50 of this post and that is the only thing that made me gag so far! The dog with the diaper came close!

    Anything that involves mucus or someones mouth and mucus, puke etc.
    I can clean feces all day and that is just fine... but don't make me catch your sputum or clean it off the floor, or for that matter listen to you.

    I am a CNA at a nursing home, one ngiht at work had been particularly nasty! I had been peed on twice, craped on, and when changing the brief of a really nasty MRSA infected resident the brief was so full it flung urine all over my face and arms. Even had a lady puke all over and I had to clean her up(that really grosses me out) I kept my cool through all of that.
    Came home and the cat had puked on the floor. Went to clean it up and went flying out the front door and puked all over the poarch railing!
    I could not handle the cat puke with the mouse tail in it! YUKKKKKK
  6. by   CNA2day
    Quote from nursenatalie
    Ok I have mentioned this before, but this situation is the grossest thing I have come across. Had a pt hooked to NG suction, she had unhooked herself for whatever reason and I assisted her back to her bed and told her not to do this herself, apparantly she had been unhooked for 15-20 minutes. Well she had been there for a while and she knew how to hook it back up herself, she took the plug from the tubing and a long bile green string of mucus trailed so she just put the open end of the NG in her mouth and SUCKED!!! watching in awe as the green tube went clear again I thought I would lose it. I couldnt help myself I yelled at her and told her that was nasty, dont ever do that again. This is of course the same pt who was so foggy on dilaudid that she kept putting her bloody menstrual pad on her abdominal incision (dont know if she thought it was an ABD or what? To no surprise she got a serious wound infection and had to be opened back up. Did I mention I was pregnant in the few months time we had this patient. The plastic surgeon grabbed me one day to assist in her room so I went in and he debrided her wound at the bedside, I held the biohazard bag as he put the nastiest smelling peice of black/green flesh in, the weight of the hunk of meat alone got to me not to mention the smell. He left, I tied the bag in a knot at the top not knowing what in the hell to do with it and mistakenly felt the warmth through the bag and my gloves...I almost lost it. I ran to the soiled utility room threw it in the biohazard bag and told the doc if he needed it for patho or otherwise he would have to fetch it himself! Just think all this was only one pt on our surgical floor, and I thought surgical floor would be a "clean" place to work
    Okay that one got me also!! I am trying not to gag just sitting here... if I would ahve bene there I would have puked I know it!
  7. by   DF-LPN
    Not much gets to me. But the first, and anytime since, I had to clean up a res who finger painted their bm all over the bed, bedrails and themselves, no prob, until I realized she had it in her mouth ( shudder, gag!!!!!!) Oh, and burbing colostomy bag....peeee uuuu!!!!!
  8. by   AngelfireRN
    The crack a tooth makes when you pull it gets me. When I did school nursing, I'd have the kiddo count three with me, and then we'd both scream as loud as we could to cover the sound. They just though I was cool, never knew the reason behind the screaming.

    And the smell of a lower GI bleed will make me puke every time. I even did that with my GM. Cleaned her up and took care of her, but puked into the wastecan the whole time. Her poor nurses (she was on the floor that I worked on as an RN) called her doc and got me some Reglan, bless them, because I would not leave. Her doc knew us well, and God love him for being so nice.
  9. by   DF-LPN
    Quote from Stargazer
    Okay, I guess I'm done with lunch now. Several things give me the heeby-jeebies (or the gaggies). In no particular order:
    --any abdominal wound so large that I can fit my arm up to the elbow in it and it takes 24 rolls of Kerlix per dressing change
    OFF topic: I had a diabetic lady with a wound under her breast and the whole breast fit inside this wound, and this was no small breasted women either. deff a DD size. Amazingly it healed, never thought it would.
  10. by   DF-LPN
    Did not see this but heard about one of our CENAs walking in and seeing a lady giving a bj to a male res with an indwelling cath...EWWWWWWWWWW
  11. by   Nepenthe Sea
    Quote from DF-LPN
    Did not see this but heard about one of our CENAs walking in and seeing a lady giving a bj to a male res with an indwelling cath...EWWWWWWWWWW
    Oh, man...Barf city!!
  12. by   invernessfl
    I'll tell you: stage IV ulcer on the sacrum, it took my breath away yuck
  13. by   RN_Ashley
    Suctioning seriously freaks me out. I had the sound and it makes me gag. I HATE IT.