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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   RNforLongTime
    Now, not much really grosses me out. I can deal with sputum, bowel movements, nasal drainage, etc. The only thing that ever really grossed me out was when I was watching a nurse from the eye bank remove the corneas from a patient who had just passed away. Seeing the vitreous humour--is that right the liquid that's in the eyeball--come pouring out from the sockets almost made me throw up!
  2. by   Carer
    Blood. I can deal with Urine and Poo, and Sick. But not Blood.

    It really freaks me out.
  3. by   bestblondRN
    Hey Big C!

    You're in Portage?! Me too.......small world, I guess.
    Don't worry--you're not alone with sputum, and various other bodily secretions. It gets a little easier with time--just hang in there--even us veterans gag once in awhile
  4. by   darlinnurse
    Hello, I am new here. The thing that totally grosses me out is a new amputee. Changing the dressing is so gross. And vomitt makes me want to hurl right along with the patient.
  5. by   Carer
    Blood. I can deal with Urine and Poo, and Sick. But not Blood.

    It really freaks me out.
  6. by   mother/babyRN
    Well, I have to say, other than the little old lady with Ca whose nose fell off in front of me, beyond the dentures and mucus thing, it does me not good when a filthy patient arrives in labor, opens her legs and completely overwhelms the staff with the stench of whatever is eminating from that part of her body ( the one the CHILD is supposed to exit from)..I have to say I DO NOT like maggots, lice, or any of those things, and have run into a few nasty things in my time, but thankfully (so far), I seem to have experienced mostly benign yuckky stuff, though AM of the era when we had to pipette to delee(suction the baby) vs the suction set ups we have now.. And I still have not emotionally conformed to the leech deal.........
  7. by   ceecel.dee
    A ruptured peritonsilar abscess while confined on the back of an ambulance during transfer - we had to pull over as I was puking, EMT was puking, and driver became lightheaded.

    Coumadin nose bleeds with ropes of clot from deep being pulled-- Oh my!

    Clothing removal from the great unwashed with skin from 2 months ago all powdered and waiting to be inhaled! GGAAAAGGG!

    Any amputation in the OR.

    The great unwashed and obese (sweaty) highlighted with perfume for very thick, unbreathable air -- ARGH!

    I can't even think about that dog story -- RETCH!
  8. by   shannonRN
    maggots i have heard of, but cockroaches....yuck! i can't image finding worms in a bedpan. omg, that is just gross. i can't handle sputum, vomit, and ng cannisters with chunks. eww!
  9. by   petiteflower
    Never had to deal with maggots or anything like that. Necrosed tissue is the worst, but here is my gross story. When I was still an LPN working nights of a skilled care unit, we had a patient admitted who was MRSA positive (respiratory). I went in the room to assess him, in all the required gloves, mask and gown--thank GOD, I was standing by the bed, and kind of slipped on something, I looked down and there was this big tan thing on the floor, about the size of a paper towel. Well, the lights were dim, and our towels were tan, thinking that is was a towel someone had dropped and bent over to pick it uo. Right--it wasn't is was a big old pile of MRSA sputum that this guy forewent the kleenex and leaned over the side of the bed and spit on the floor. ICK!!! I still get the oogies thinking about how slimy it felt even through the gloves. I was so grossed out I threw out my shoes and wore surgery shoe covers the rest of the noc because I couldn't stand the idea of wearing them again.
  10. by   daisymae
    Wonderful comments !! Tim_GNP and Rex/ very funny. Wish I coulda been there. All of your comments are right on.

    My L & D experience wasn't as bad. Picture a rookie standing there watching. Mom and Dad so excited, Dr. and nurses engrossed in duties. And me, my eyes about to pop out of my head over the mask on my face. The baby came out and it was purple. OH MY GOD ! IT'S DEAD AND THIS STAFF ISN'T SAYING ANYTHING. OH MY GOD ! OH MY GOD ! Oh thank God ! It's breathing. That my friends was the last delivery I saw until I had my own. And my first one- I kept my eyes shut until he was pink.

    How about chewing tobacco? Ever see that come out of someone's mouth? Oh geez.....so gross. MY lunch was in my throat when I dropped the cup on the quadraplegic man and left the room without a word.
  11. by   Chris81
    :imbar Yes nursejanedough, that's the one I have lived in fear of for the last 21 years-the glass eyeball! I know, I know, they are probably called "visual esthetic enhancement prosthetics" now but luckily the folks who have possessed them have all known how to care for them. Thank goodness for that! Having worked in LTC all this time NO bodily fluid totally grosses me out, though I must admit it takes more than a little chutzpa to be able to accessorize your scrubs in SO MANY COLORS AND TEXTURES
  12. by   CRNI
    This is my first time to post on this BB, but just have to respond. Definately agree with the mucous/resp. secretions any way, shape or form! Chicken feathers remind me of the little old demented lady I admitted with scabies, head lice, cat feces in her pockets and God knows what under her fingernails. I felt "crawly" for days.
  13. by   bestblondRN
    I have a really freaky story for you all.....and it's true--honest to

    I was at work the other day when one of the docs came up to a group of us and asked if we wanted to see something really wild. He pulled up rotten.com on the web and showed us the "Potatoes and Jelly" photos of some guy who came into an ER with a jelly jar and potatoes inserted into his rectum. There was another group of pics titled "No One Had Seen Him For a Week", so we looked. As I was looking at the pictures, the scene looked VERY familiar.....

    A few years ago, I was moving into an apartment that was being updated. I stopped there on the Sunday before I moved in to check on the progress of the work being done, and noticed a foul smell in the hallway. Didn't think too much about it until I went back the following Wednesday to put a label on my mailbox and noted that the smell was pretty rank in the hallway. I looked around for pet droppings, but couldn't find anything, so I left. On Friday (moving day), I was coming home from work when my daughter called my cellphone saying that there was a woman running around in the hallway screaming. I told her to keep the door locked and to call 911, at which time she said that the police were already there. I told her I'd be home in less than 10 minutes and hightailed it to the new apartment. When I arrived, there were police cars there and an ambulance was pulling out. I opened the door to the hallway and almost fell over-the smell was SO bad. It seems that the man across the hallway from me had been dead for at least a week, in 80-90 degree heat. As I walked into my apartment I caught a glimpse of the gory scene. Needless to say, when we looked at the pictures on the rotten.com website, I was astounded.....same guy......same bed and mattress......My coworkers couldn't believe it either