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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   SpecFuz
    These stories, although very funny, are scaring me to death! I am planning to go for a BSN and my biggest fear (aside from the general worries of being able to handle the school work) is...will I be able to handle the 'blood and guts'?

    I "think" I can...but how do you know? The only thing that makes me believe I can do it is that I took care of my elderly grandma for years and would change her and clean her etc. and I felt good helping her.

    But whew...some of these stories. Smells get to me a bit, so I guess I'll just have to learn how to breath out of my mouth!

    Any advice? Did any RN's feel this way in the beginning and just didn't know what they could/could not take???

    I am interested in L&D and think I could take that, but some of this stuff is totally freaking me out!
  2. by   mjamesRN
    These are the things that make everyday memorable for a nurse. I haven't yet had the pleasure of many of the grossities I've read here, but, hey you can't say you don't have an exciting job. Never has the clock ticked by so fast in a job.

    Only a nurse knows how a nurse sees and feels.

    The head lice is a new one. Quite skeevy...just please -- wash those TOES!!! no no no no no more cheesy toes!

    And these FAT people. oh- I feel so sorry, but I also wanna say, GET A GRIP and PUT DOWN THE TASTI-KAKES and DORITOS for GOD'S SAKES!!!

    ....cockroaches running out from fat-folds ...JESUS K-RIST!!!
  3. by   mjamesRN
    Spec Fuz --
    Don't worry about the Blood and Guts -- that's easy....IT's THE TOES YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT!!!!


    ....one good wretch and/ or faint-away, and you'll be able to handle it all.
  4. by   colleen10
    "But Chewing Tobacco grosses me out SOOOOOOOooo badly!!"
    --- Dennie


    If tobacco grosses you out get a load of this.

    At my last job, in a very large corporation, I worked with a guy who would chew while in the office. And the worst part was that he would use a clear AquaFina water bottle as his spitoon. He would spit at his desk and he'd even walk around the office carrying his clear plastic bottle of spit. He was a sales person and would spit while he was on the phone talking to customers.

    Made all of us gals in the office want to hurl, especially when he would come up to us and start talking with all that brown stuff in between his teeth and the whole time casually "swirling" around his bottle o' saliva.
  5. by   RNKitty
    At my last job, the gross story is not about a patient, but about a doctor. This doctor was a hefty 350 lbs and would wheeze around the unit. Once at a delivery (L&D) I watched her pick up the sterile ring forceps and CLEAN HER EAR! Right in front of the patient and her husband while the patient was resting between pushes. I can't believe people go to doctors like that!

    It can't top the maggots and such, but I just don't see sick people in L&D.
  6. by   KRVRN
    I keep asking myself why I keep coming back to read these...
  7. by   nograd

    I work OB and the worst thing I have ever experienced was a pt who was post dates and when the MD ruptured the bag, there was a copious amount of meconium filled fluid but THE SMELL WAS AWFUL!!!!! There is no term to describe the stentch We immediately sectioned the pt, and one of the MDs said the fluid was filled with puss and meconium! That was the FUNKIEST looking/smelling fluid I have ever seen!!!! One of the RNs who has been doing L&D for 20 years had to leave the OR because of the smell, NEO was dry heaving, Anesthesia had an emesis basin near for his own personal use! Masks and all, it was something awful!!!! I must have done a 10 minute surgical scrub AFTER the section. Someone mentioned pseudomonas (sp?), we cultered the uterus, placenta and of course baby, went to NICU and was cultered as well. Baby was clear, no infection but had prophylactic antibiotics. Mom had spiked a temp, but after a course of IV antibiotics was discharged with baby 5 days later. Still don't know what was growing in that sac, but the smell will never, ever leave me!!!! The LDR reaked, and had to be sanitized. The smell was soo bad that you could smell it all over the unit. I worked the next night and swore I could still smell it and had housekeeping come up and resanitize the room. YUCK!!!!

    The other thing that gets to me is the tub after we do a water birth! Especially when the midwife delivers the placenta!! What I can't understand is that the few water births I have done, the mom actually did NOT get into the shower immediately after delivery!!!! THis water is up to their necks and is filled with amniotic fluid, poop from pushing, blood and God knows what else!!! The smell is not horrible, but not pleasent either, and I don't leave the room dry heaving...it just GROSSES ME OUT! I would want to sanitize my whole body the autoclave after bathing in something like that! I guess I am not the "natural delivery" type...delivering in a nice clean bed is fine by me!
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  8. by   mjamesRN
    You gotta really feel dirty to want to jump in the autoclave....LMAO!!!
  9. by   ds123
    VOMIT!!!!!! I can't stand vomit!!!!!!! I am in the pan next to them!!!!!! All my years on Oncology and I still can't stand vomit!!!!! The 20 something young lady who was brought in by EMS for running down the street on New Years eve in her Mickey Mouse underwear who had slammed 2 bottles of "Tickle me pink" Boone's Farm and promptly threw up on my NEW shoes. Ortho injuries are right up there. The ankle hanging and swaying off the leg!! Dislocations!!! You name it.
  10. by   Maureen007
    Definitely maggots in a wound! I've seen a lot of vomit,mucous,feces,ugly rashes,terrible smells in my day-but ga gangrene and maggots beat all.
  11. by   cbb1008
    Hello all,

    I am new to the list and have been surfing through the posts. This one has been an eye-opener to say the least. I have been an RN for nine years, but due to my dh's job and our children, I have limited experience. Wow, the experiences you guys have had....I managed to read three out of the four pages.

    For those of you that are eeeked out by a vomiting pt..I am right there with you. Being in OB-GYN, where you find none other than hyper-emesis pts..YUCK. We had one lady that was true hyper emesis. Yours truly took her assignment becuase the other nurse was pg (early) with prego stomach. It was difficult to get the woman's vitals....she heaved the whole time....NASTY.

    I look forward to getting to know you all better!!!!!

  12. by   micro
    don't like vomit more than next person, but usually it doesn't bother me.......but what about.....

    the patient with the true dry heaves.............like wish they could just vomit or something because you know they are miserable and by the ??# of dry heaving on their part, you gotta go do the real thing!!!!!

    now gotta go cook that steak, hehehehehehe!!!!!

  13. by   mare-mare
    At work we often discusse the grossest thing we have ever seen at work, well one nurse won hands down (even worse than the chicken feathers) She was taking care of a disoriented older man with many, many tubes from many, many places. Well he was NPO as you can imagine, but was very thirsty. He did alright for most of the day but while walking past his room someone noticed he has his back to the door and was kinda slumped over. Upon investigation, they found that he was sucking on his G-tube!! Of course you can imagine the freak-out form the staff, but all he said was "boy the water tastes weird here"
    Makes me sick just thining about it! Gotta say, I love this thread, I've e-mailed it to all my friends