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Okay, people. It's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam. WHAT FREAKS YOU OUT? What bodily fluid can't you STAND? What wound gives you the absolute WILLIES? ... Read More

  1. by   Goofball
    HarrrrHarrr, Chuckie, too funny. I know many pts
    or family members always insist on saving gross
    stuff to show us, too. But they usually let it
    coagulate and putrify in the bathroom for quite some time first, of course with the bathroom door shut tightly so that you can appreciate the full
    aroma of whatever disgusting specimen it is. Even if you had no order or no intention of saving it
    OR looking at it! Now that's when I nearly heave
    my cookies! But the nicer ones at least, at some
    point, warn you before you go in there.
  2. by   nursechris1
    I am totally laughing out loud about to pee my pants!! My son is looking at me like I am weird!
    Here is what freaks me:

    Hip or knee surgery (I hate the chiseling)

    Peeling clothes off of a hog farmer, who lives on a farm with no running water, Needless to say hasn't bathed in a long time.
    His daughters rotting breast (from breast cancer never treated)

    I can handle sputum, vomit, suctioning trachs, but I cant handle toenails, boogers (sp?) , or when my husb wants me to pop one of his zits.
    I almost passed out in nursing school during my psych rotation watching shock therapy.

    Had a patient who was missing half his face, part of his nose, from cancer, open dripping wound, the smell made me want to hurl.

    I too have encountered the old lady with the brown **** eating grin! YUUUCK.

    Last, but not least, My dog ate a dirty diaper and I had to pull it out of his butt when it finally started to pass.!!
  3. by   momrn50
    Cannot stand to see someone vomit...I can look at it afterwards and even clean it up but the act itself does me in...also MRSA wound smells...BLAHHHHHHH.....
  4. by   micro
    Can just about handle anything sight, sound, or touch.........but our cats killed a little mouse and I eeeeeeked!!!!!!!!!

  5. by   kids
    I don't mind it so bad when one of our (6) cats kill a mouse, they really seem to enjoy reliving the kill all over the yard (with the now squishy mouse) but what totally grosses me out about it is the bones crunching...thats right, I don't have 'normal' cats that just play a mouse to death...they EAT THEM!

    bugs me even more when I think about what picky eaters they are and the fortune I spend feeding them.
  6. by   mopsi
    the setting...an inner city hospital....the patient , a middle aged black woman. dressed poorly. poor hygeine. address the projects..assorted diagnosis...h/o drug use ,etoh. iddm, pvd. presenting with c/o pain in foot and leg. very sweet lady and tearful at time..some commentary going on with doc's..probably drug seeking...i get her in exam room undress and into gown..vitals okay ..notice she has a haphazzard dressing on right foot and leg which was the source of her pain...okie dokie...gotta remove the dressing to see whats there and......maggots start falling all over...poring out..falling on the floor..wiggling on the gurney....crawling off the dressing which i was still holding......we had to get bug spray to get em all before we could even clean the wound....the patient kept saying i thought something was moving in there....i almost really passed out...i think i might have post traumatic stress syndrome from this one......yuck!!!!!! needless to say i spent a huge ammount of time trying to teach this gal before she was cut loose.....big picture breaks my heart....how can this be happening in the richest counrty in the world...i still am opposed to sending bucks to afghanastan when theres so many here ...so disadvantaged...may god bless us all...
  7. by   KIWIRN
    i really hate trachy's! all those disgusting secretions yukkkk
    I am not too fussed on gunk in the eye (sleep) it doesn't seem to move with facecloths and the only effect way seem to be with your finger (gloved of course).
    oh and old people who dont wash properly and have a build up of dry skin spots ewwww
  8. by   lizzyb
    oh god that was sick
  9. by   VickyRN
    She was a tiny, shriveled up shell of a woman, a LOL who was cared for at home. When she came to us, she literally had decubs upon decubs, contractures upon her contractures, permanently rolled up fetally into a little ball. She had decubs all over her body, down to muscle and bone. This is something I have a very hard time with, decubs with bone showing . When we dressed her multiple wounds, she looked like a mummy with all of the gauze. Worse still, MRSA was discovered in the decubs, so gentamycin cream was added to her many dressing changes.
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  10. by   Goofball
    Last, but not least, My dog ate a dirty diaper and I had to pull it out of his butt when it finally started to pass.!! [/B][/QUOTE]
    This last statement I thought was pretty twisted, even for a nurse (and I'm still laughing about it!)
  11. by   Goofball
    Wait just a minute, NurseChris1, with your dirty diaper-eating dog. I think Mopsi outdid you with
    the maggot story! Khhhaaaaackkkkk
  12. by   Momma_Penguin
    I can tolerate a lot of "things" whether they are from the body or anywhere but 2 of the things that will gross me out..and I think my husband said I turned green even...was from.....OMG..THE HAIR IN THE SINK DRAIN.....EWWWWWWWWWW SORRY, I had to be ill.....I can stand blood , guts, BM...and a host of unfriendly aromas that we have at the home but that will make me run outta the room in like 2 seconds. The 2nd thing is....that slimy kinda vomit or BM.....ewwwwwwwww. Well there you have it, I am proud that was able to share my grossest with you. Hope no one was eating while they read these things. Laura
  13. by   sandigapeachlpn
    i had a new admission come in that previously was on the other hall apprx 2 mo ago. she had lit her ciggie with her liquid 02 on and became enflamed. she came in due to facial burns and then she was dc'd to assisted living. i was off for three days and she is back. i didn't get to read her h&p so i wasn't familiar with her history. i had only seen her from the hall when she was on the other hall so i was totally blown away when i went in and assessed her and met her. she has scarring around the nose okay that's not so bad. but she also has facial paralysis so that her mouth is mishaped over to the left. she also torched her left nare and there is a hunk of nare missing. the thing that got me was her dentures. floating puts it mildly. with the abnormality of her oral cavity and facial structure her upper dentures HAVE NO WHERE TO CALL THEIR OWN. the entire time i was talking with her i was trying to focus on her verbalization and all i could do was watch her dentures turning summersaults in her mouth. she kept telling me she needed her RICKS. i tryed so hard to understand her and could not due to the flying dentures and got a piece of paper towel for her to translate. she spelled VICKS . she wanted to put it into her missing nare. i explained that i did not have a dr order for vicks and if she would put her nasal cannula back in she would be able to breath better. then she had trouble putting her cannual back in place... so i reinserted it ..... i had a tough time trying to get the effected side in with the missing nub of her nare, she constantly picks at the nare also making the nare a bloody stump. anyway, she got so aggravated at me because i didn't have any vicks, she went over to the roommates dresser and took her calmoseptine (which is a pretty shade of light pale pink ) and applied it all over her nostril. of !/4 of the remains. the calmo is our house barrier cream for incontinence. WELL SHE SHOWED ME!!!!!!!!!