What does it mean to be a nurse

  1. hi everyone,
    posting my 2nd question. i just want to know why you became a nurse? and what does being a nurse mean to you. thanks, maggymae
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  3. by   sharona97
    Being a nurse means to me that I show up for work. Do the best I can to care for and give a hug, a touch of my hand, nuture,prepare,teach, or just to listen to my patients. Being a nurse is wanting to exercise your skills in the arena you were taught in to the best of your ability. A helper to your colleagues. Showing dignity to the patient and families during their time of need.
  4. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Nursing, for me, is a heart and soul experience.

    It's more than showing up, it's being glad (on some level, to some degree) to be there, because I know that shows through, it makes my patients feel better about the care they receive, and in turn it gives me satisfaction to provide that care.

    It's being careful enough (following the rules, even the ones that might seem dumb!) to know I am not making errors--or if I make one I catch it before it gets past me and into my patient.

    It's being happy to see my colleagues--did you know the most important thing to nurses about their work is who they are working with? It means a lot to me to be part of the positive in someone's day, and I make the effort by staying out of interpersonal spats, but being friendly, by doing more than my share, by appreciating someone who picks up some of my slack.

    I revel in nursing. I luxuriate in it. I set my attitude in "positive."

    To me it is more than a profession, it is a calling, and one I am grateful to be able to participate in.
  5. by   sharona97
    Once you've experienced a disability, showing up for work is a privelage for me not a luxary. Thought I should clarify my experience.
  6. by   moonischasingme1
    being a nurse means... you will never be bored.
    you will always be frustrated.
    you will be surrounded by challenges.
    so much to do and so little time.
    you will carry immense responsibility
    and very little authority.
    you will step into people's lives
    and you will make a difference.
    some will bless you.
    some will curse you.
    you will see people at their worst...
    and at their best.
    you will never cease to be amazed
    at people's capacity for
    love, courage, and endurance.
    you will see life begin...and end.
    you will experience resounding triumphs
    and devastating failures.
    you will cry a lot.
    you will laugh a lot.
    you will know what it is to be human
    and to be humane.
    copyright melodie chenevert rn, mn, ma
  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Funny, we're looking at that in Nursing Fundamentals...

    For me, nursing is caring with both heart and head, healing the whole person.
  8. by   bopps
    What does it mean to be a nurse...
    Being a nurse means being able to see aspects of the human nature few other people are priviledged to see
    And being able to help those people through those hard confusing times
    Even if it doesn't feel like you are making any difference at the time
    when tears and pain are falling all around you
    and you feel as if you will fall apart if you take even a small breath
    you are able to reach through the confusion
    and touch your patient or his grieving family
    and tell them this is what is happening
    we are doing the best we can
    this is what being a nurse means to me.
    "Just let me hold you while you're falling apart."- Rob Thomas
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  9. by   bellehill
    "Being a nurse isn't about grades. It's about being who we are. NO book can teach you how to cry with a patient. NO book can teach you how to tell a family member that their parents have died or are dying. NO professors can teach you how to find dignity in giving someone a bed bath. A nurse is NOT about the pills, the IVs, and the charting. It's about being able to LOVE people when they are at their WEAKEST moments and being able to forgive them for all their wrongs and make a difference in their lives today. No one can make you a nurse...YOU JUST ARE."

    I don't know who wrote this, I found it on the internet one day and absolutely loved it. Nursing is a physically and emotionally exhausting profession...one I wouldn't trade for anything.
  10. by   RockstarsNurseBabe
    I have been a nurse for 12 years and there is not a single day that I would trade for anything. I have worked in many areas, Postpartum, newborn nursery, adolescent psych, LTC, RTC, GI and now DD. I have been a DD Nurse for 3 years and in that time I learned what it is to truly be appreciated as a Nurse. My clients are genuine and loving. Everyday I give 110% of all that I am as a Nurse to ensure that my clients live one more day stronger and respected. Being a nurse means being able to sit with my patient's and hold their hand as they struggle to keep going, to smile when I know that is the only thing that they need, to hug a family member because they just lost a loved one. It is about being able to go that extra step to ensure that they know you genuinely care and they truly matter. Being a nurse means advocating when no one else is willing to, it's about being a voice when a patient does not have one, it's about standing strong when you know that your patient's needs are not being met, it's about staying longer and loving what you do...Being a nurse means that sometimes your patient loses their battle but they were cared for...It is about fighting for what you know is right and not skimping on care because of budget cuts or time constraints, it is about doing a weeks worth of work in less than 12 hours and still pushing forward to ensure patient safety. Being a Nurse is about who I am as a person...Caring, self-sacrificing when needed, loving, gentle, strong, independent, organized and tenacious! Being a Nurse is what I love most about who I am.
  11. by   firstyearstudent
    Lately, I've been looking at being a nurse as a little bit like being a garage mechanic.