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I have been on this forum for a long time and do not think that I have ever seen a thread like this posted, perhaps I am wrong, but I would really love to know what area of nursing each member works... Read More

  1. by   khattosan
    Quote from elFNP
    I did Med/Surg for 4 years. That was a very BIG mistake. I completed my masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner last Dec. 2003. That was one thing Med/Surg made me do, go back to school!
    I'm a nursing student and would like to go into the med-surg after school...please tell me why it was a mistake for you? p.s. after all some love it and some don't...I just want an insight on what to expect.
  2. by   RNPATL
    Quote from Boo439
    I hope my comments are welcome... I have been a CNA for a little over a year now. I got a job at an ALF the day I graduated from my CNA class. I worked there for 6 months and got bored with it so I applied at the local hospital and got the job the next day. I have been there since and will stay there until the day my husband and I move out of state.

    I am currently taking the pre-req's for the RN program. I am weighing my options between taking the LPN program online then bridging over to RN or just going straight to RN.

    Pro - save gas money on lecture days for the LPN program, which will be done online.
    Con - Have to take an extra semester to bridge over to RN.
    Your comments are most certainly welcome. Glad you posted ..... good luck with your decision to go to nursing school. I started out as an LPN, then went on for my RN almost 17 years later.