What do you know about Methamphetemine?

  1. My community is having an explosion of this epidemic, we have pts who are positive for it, and visitors who also appear to be users. Are you also encountering this? What do you know about Meth? I always thought it was snorted, but someone told me that they smoke it too.
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  3. by   puresass
    it can be snorted, smoked or injected. (i only know because my brother was addicted for 15 years.)
  4. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    Communities all over the place are struggling with meth -- from what I've seen locally, rural and poverty-stricken areas have a much bigger problem than some. The state of Tennessee has developed an initiative, and there's lots of information at this website --

    >> MethFreeTN.org | Fighting the Tennessee Meth Problem <<

    And the picture at this link is startling!
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  5. by   sirI
    My area is the meth capital of the state. I'm very familiar with it.
  6. by   mamason
    I know it is BAD NEWS. Pretty rampant around here. They are trying to crack down on the making and distribution of the stuff around here. Farm fertizlizer is one main ingredient in the process of making it. Other household items are used. Comet cleanser, battery acid, household cleaners, etc. People that use this stuff are never sure what they are ingesting. The cost to buy meth is cheaper compared to buying cocaine. That's why it's a major issue. They can snort it, smoke it, and inject it. Users tend to go down hill real fast with the use of it. It's highly addictive. It's a very sad thing.
  7. by   GardenDove
    How dangerous are these people?
  8. by   Cherish
    Very because they hallucinate and don't realize how strong they are-mainly because there pain is at a higher threshold when high or its delayed response. Norephinephrine is raised when using so there fight or flight is constantly up when high.

    It was used widely in German troops during WW2, Hitler also used it regularly prescribed by his doctor.

    In this country (US) it's prescription name is Desoxyn.

    Its main ingredient ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. Many cold medicines and weight loss drugs have this as the ingredient and nasal sprays. In my state if the OTC drug has this in it you have to show drivers license and they log it in so you can not buy a certain amount per month. Many OTC drugs are trying to take it out of the ingredients but you can still find it.

    FRONTLINE: the meth epidemic | PBS
    Methamphetamine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  9. by   mamason
    Quote from GardenDove
    How dangerous are these people?
    Depends on the person. I would be cautious when caring for the pt. That is, if it's a pt. Some users can be very desperate. I mean, think about it, some make this stuff around their children. Their kids are exposed to toxic fumes during the manufacturing process. Why would you expose your child to something like this if you were thinking clearly? Not meaning "you" just a generalization. For example, my friend's brother was/ or still may be on this stuff. When their mother was alive, he would break into her home, and steal anything he could to sell for this drug. VCR, tools, blender, shoes, etc. I mean, anything. He didn't care, he just wanted his drug. Of course he was "sorry" after all was done. But, he wasn't thinking right. Still claimed he loved his mom with all his heart.
  10. by   sirI
  11. by   GardenDove
    I ask this because I am a landlord and one of my tenents is in jail now for meth, I am grappling with a situation. The police are aware. I think everyone in the house is using, they've only been there since Oct, I'm planning on selling the house. They also babysit for their grandchild who lives across the street, and I hear that they use meth. I plan on calling cps today after I get their names from the lady at cityhall who told me that they also use meth. I'm going over there today after giving the husband a 24 hr notice to inspect the house, the police say they will back me up if need be.
  12. by   MomNRN
    If they use, there is the possibility they cook their own. It is a rampant problem in our neck of the woods too.

    If you there is any chance they used your property to manufacture the drug, you need to be careful upon entering.

    Good luck.
  13. by   TheCommuter
    I lived in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California for 2 years and moved away from there in late 2005. Methamphetamine is a huge phenomenon in Central California, so much that 80 percent of America's meth supply was being produced there until a few years ago.

    In January 2005 I was an unemployed student who still had a mortgage due every month. To help pay the bills, I rented a spare bedroom to a female who was in my age range and had the money upfront. I was unaware that, at age 22, she had 4 children (ages 8, 4, 3, and 1) and an insatiable addiction to meth. To my dismay, she smoked meth in my downstairs bathroom. She also moved her boyfriend and two of the children into the room without my permission. Since I could not wait months for the eviction process to take its course, I enlisted the help of some family members to 'scare' her away from my house permanently.

    Methamphetamine can be smoked, snorted, injected, or swallowed. I can immediately tell when a person smokes it because they tend to have a foul chemical odor.
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  14. by   TheCommuter
    Methamphetamine also goes by the names of 'speed', 'crank', 'meth', 'ice', 'crystal', 'crystal meth', and 'glass'.