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Is nursing just a money-making job for you? What contribution do you make to nursing? Why did you want to become a nurse and what continues to motivate you to show up to work each day?... Read More

  1. by   MomNRN
    I guess I didn't understand the original intent of the question either.

    I chose nursing as a mid-life career change because of the flexibility, the money is not bad, and I was already familiar with the inner-workings of the hospital and liked it.
  2. by   nurse4theplanet
    I don't feel as if I even chose nursing, but that nursing chose me. As your typical twenty-something college student, I stumbled through a couple different majors before one finally felt like the right fit.

    All I wanted was a good paying job with security that allowed me to maximize my personal talents and giving nature. I am sure that I would excel in any occupation that offered these opportunities. I am proud to have found nursing, even if it was a haphazard decision. I admire those who say they always knew they were destined to be a nurse from the time they were a child. However, that was not how I discovered nursing.

    In reference to the original post...did I chose nursing for the money? No. Am I excited that nursing pays a decent wage in comparison to many other careers? Absolutely. What keeps me coming back to work each day? Well, that's a more difficult question to answer...

    I value continuing education, dedication, and hard work which are fulfilled through my career. I take pride in the sense of responsibility I have to my family to provide a living wage. I enjoy time outside from home to intermingle with co-workers and patients. I enjoy the role of nurse, just as I enjoy the role of woman, friend, and wife. The satisfaction of seeing my labor transformed into a dollar amount on a paycheck every two weeks is also gratifying because ultimately that paycheck is dedicated to myself, my spouse, my church, my family/friends, and my community. I delight in the opportunities to grow and expand that is offered with experience in nursing that allows me to transform and improve my abilities, rather than remaining in a stagnant position. And aside from the satisfaction that these elements bring me, there is a sense of pride I feel from giving a part of myself to others in a time of need. I feel that God uses my knowledge and skill each day to heal others or help them in some way.

    And finally, what do I give back to nursing? As of now, I am giving my complete professional self. I hold myself accountable for putting my best foot forward, servicing my patients with integrity, and continuing to sharpen my knowledge and skills. In the future, I hope to become an instructor and expand the ways in which I can give back to nursing.
  3. by   snowfreeze
    I became a nurse for the constant income, I was looking for a career to support me and 2 kids. I am still a nurse as I like the job 15 years later. Being a nurse is much more than I expected originally, I can go just about anywhere with my license. I can expand my license as I choose, I can move anywhere in the world and be accepted.
    Yes I went into nursing for the income, that is my income.
  4. by   scrubsnhugsRN
    I became a nurse because I wanted to make a difference in people lives and empower them. I wanted to have a job that was available anywhere in the country, and one that I could support myself and children if I had too.

    I love my job, even though it sounds corny, I really do, even though it is stressful and most times thankless, I still love it.
  5. by   Brigi23
    That was incredibly well put!!!
  6. by   shelly_oncRN
    Why am I a nurse?
    I decided on my carrer path when I was 5 years old - am now 41. Had a couple of burnouts along the way - low pay, high workload etc etc. Have worked in a few different specialities and moved form Uk to Florida where I now work in a private onc office. I know all my patients, they all send me Xmas cards and miss me when I'm not here. I LOVE my job. It pays fairly well, but most of all I get incredible job satisfaction - and when a patient thanks me for doing my job....it don't get much better than that.
  7. by   HeatherLPN
    I became a nurse b/c after working with MR/DD I decided I wanted to go further with it. That, and I like people--like comforting them, like taking care of them. I'm one of those nurses that isn't afraid to hold someone's hand, doesn't flinch when a family member hugs me after a death, and likes to take a few minutes to joke around with my residents and do the little extras for them when I can. I just like to make people feel good I guess. But what i get back out of it is tenfold.