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OK y'all. What COLOR was your student uniform? My first was blue :eek: , my second yellow :) and my third was a green and white pinstripe :D...all were dresses. How about you ? What... Read More

  1. by   puzzler
    Student uniforms--LPN was medium blue with black pinstripes and a white apron shoulders to hem; RN uniform was white--had to wear caps with both.

    The uniform I wore tonight was navy blue pants and white top (nothing exciting here--LOL) BUT--I do not wear a cap anymore although I did not really mind it when I wore it everyday I worked for over 10 years. I know, I know, no one wears them anymore.
  2. by   Magicat
    School: Teal green scrubs with white jacket. And - yes - I graduated in 1997 - a tall nursing cap. Last year with black velvet stripe.

    Today: Navy jacket and pants with my Piggy Party print top. I wear all different kinds of tops and combinations of colors. Mostly dark as I am fair and blonde. But we own our own uniform store, so I get whatever I want at wholesale price.

    Anyone interested in inexpensive, good quality uniforms, let me know.... "Look your best for less"
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  3. by   Magicat
    This is my graduation picture
  4. by   goldgram
    I guess I am dating myself but my first year student uniform color was pink!! They were dresses and fully starched, just like a board, we had to actually "break starch" every morning. Even our caps were pink, we were called "pinkies" everyone called us that even the patients!!

    In our second and third year we had same uniforms but they were white, for juniors there was no ribbon on the cap and for seniors it was a blue velvet ribbon, but we always had the starch!
    We also had to wear shoes with a leather sole!

    I beleive last monday I wore brightly mixed scrub jacket with an orange scrub top for the season! Even the old can change!

  5. by   kenmill
    I am a nursing student. We're pretty lucky, thanks to previous graduating class complaints. We used to have to wear all white, which in their complaint were never thick enough to hide your underwear. Now we wear dark wine/burgandy scrubs. The only problem is that as a male, I am having trouble finding scrubs redily available.
  6. by   NurseDennie
    My nursing school has hideous uniforms, too. Is it a requirement, somehow? The uniform for my school has, over the years, become LESS hideous. I lucked out - the year before I started, the REQUIRED uniform was a hand-made white dress (looked like a cafeteria lady) with pintucks down the bodice, and a fullish skirt. The skirt had 2 seam pockets, not NEARLY big enough.

    The year I started the dress looked the same, but it was manufactured, so we didn't have to pay over $100 for the stupid uniform dresses! My senior year, they picked out some uniforms that had a top that matched the dress, and trousers.

    All white.

    We were allowed to wear street wear for our psych and pediatrics rotations, and we wore the floor scrubs on the mother-child rotation. Wow - I loved that one. I could probably do that for a living.

    Now, I'm a research nurse. I wear street clothes. When I was on the floor, we were allowed to wear white trousers and either white top or navy blue top. The navy blue trousers indicated service staff, so we couldn't just put on a set of navy blue scrubs. At that hospital, the dress code indicated that your hips be covered. There was a thread about see-through trousers, but that never affected me because of that. I generally bought a couple of pairs of white jeans or painter jeans and wore a teeshirt under a scrub shirt. I also had the most amazing BELT to hold all my stuff, I loved that.

    The hospital where I work now, they wear everything. I've even seen people with black scrubs. I don't like the looks of that though.


  7. by   PC Nurse
    The uniforms at the Prince George's Community College in Landover, Md were a very fine blue and white pinstripe. The women wore a white shirt with this jumper and the men wore a "tunic" kinda thing. It was a long pull over shirt with 2 square pockets at the bottom (the hem went to the bottom of your pants zipper), an open neck (like a V-neck) with a large flat collar (think 1970's silk shirt) and a shirt pocket at the top with the school logo on the sleeve. Not a flattering style for a man.

    Unfortunately, not only did we look bad, but this was the same uniform that the housekeeping staff at our hospital wore!
    How embarrassing!
  8. by   Michelle_nurse
    All through nursing school, we had to wear a pale blue pant suit or a matching dress, with the nursing school badge on the left sleeve. No one wore the dress. (although I owned one and never wore it.

    They were more strict about appearance, especially in the first half of the program. No make up, jewelry (except a watch), hair COMPLETELY up (none on the collar), white shoes and socks with no other colors on it.

    When I got accepted, I bought the real ugly nursing shoes......but when I started everyone was wearing white running shoes.

    Some schools around here, (except mine), allowed the student nurses in the last semester to wear scrubs,

    I own mostly solid color srubs, I have one with nursey type prints on it that my friends mom made for me.

    The last day I worked I wore a baby blue scrub top with white pants...............everything else was dirty, I just came back from British Columbia on vacation. I don't really like white!
  9. by   ERDIVA2B
    Well for LPN school we were "candy stripers" We had white scrub tops and pants with this horrible pink & white striped bib apron ugly thingy on top, no jewelry, no nails, no nothing, not a hair out of place! stockings not socks! even under baggy srub pants, & this was in 1999!

    Now for the RN program, we wear royal blue scrubs with the school logo embroidered on the shirt, and a 3/4 lenght lab coat with school logo on it, much more cool, and professional looking! We went from "candy stripers to Smurfs!"

    Today I'm wearing yellow pants with my celestial purple and gold scrub top with my blue Super birkinstocks!

    I start my nurse externship in the ER next month!!!!Yay!!!!I get to wear traditional Ciel blue. The hospital has specific colors for each department!

    6 more months till I graduate! Doo-dah, doo-dah!!
  10. by   YukonSean
    One of the fringe beneifts in psychaitry is that we wear street clothes. The philiosphy is merely one of attempting to decrease the power differential a little bit, along with modelling normalcy
    (yes, I trained in the Orem theory!). Now, as a student nurse, the rules were simple: white nursing dresses, or white male nurses' uniforms! I preferred the "dentist collar" style, in plain linen. Yes, those were the days of the ubiquitous transparent stretchy polyester pant suits! Scrubs were for OR nurses, or some of the paramedicals, such as RT (who wore navy, I think). Also, male students had to have their hair cut above the collarline; women could wear only clear nail polish, no dangling jewellery, etc. If you think these rules were Draconian, then hopefully one of the British trained nurses will post a reply! For what it is worth, I think that the English nurses looked very smart and professional. Where I work now, I often find it hard to differentiate between nurses and patients: sweatpants and tee shirts have to go!
  11. by   Cubby
    My husband has red hair and when he was in school he had a beautiful burnt orange uniform. Made him look soooo handsome!
  12. by   Kasey
    My school uniform at Broward Community College in Pompano Beach, FL was white with a Royal Blue "Apron" over it. Everyone wanted to burn it at graduation.
  13. by   mustangsheba
    Gawd, memory lane! Pinafores! Green and white pin striped tops with white bottoms. Aargh! Now I wear scrubs (purple, teal, burgundy, etc.) with a white lab coat. Lots of pockets. Instant credibility. It shouldn't matter, but it does.