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OK y'all. What COLOR was your student uniform? My first was blue :eek: , my second yellow :) and my third was a green and white pinstripe :D...all were dresses. How about you ? What... Read More

  1. by   NurseTami
    LPN : Yes, the horrid blue-pin striped pinafore- it buttoned on the side; over white uniform of our choice.

    RN: navy crub pants, white polo, navy warm up jacket, with the school patch on the sleeve.

    Lucky us, previous ADN students wore a blazer type affair that looked to be very warm and uncomfortable!
  2. by   Allison P
    we wear white scrub pants with a white top. the top zips up the back, has a peter pan collar, and looks like it came from a maternity store. over that we wear a green apron with enormous pockets that get caught on everything.
  3. by   Ted
    White pants (men) or pants/skirt (women) with a very ugly green top that caused a lot of heated discussions between students and faculty. . .

    I personally couldn't have cared less, except green clashes with my dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. . .

    Ted Fiebke

    P. S. I forgot that I wore a green scrup top for the photo that's displayed on this BB . . .hey I don't look so bad in green . . . just wish I lost a few pounds . . . but that's another discussion for another BB thread. . .

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  4. by   MRed94
    White uniform with the ugly pale blue pin stripe pinafore that had a small band on the sides to button up.

    The pockets, once you put things in them, invariably leaned to the side, and you ended up picking up your stuff off the floor at least 200 times a day.

    And, God forbid, you walked by anything that had a handle sticking out, or a chart with the bulbs on the ends....You always got caught.

    I hated that stupid pinafore.

    Our ADN student uniforms are white, alas, but I will get Ma to make me some, and burn them after.

    I normally wear white pants, gotta change that.

    Usually wear a print top with huge pockets that Ma makes me, usually in a Noah's ark or Giraffe print. Giraffes are my favorite thing, and I have about a dozen diff ones.

    Today, white pants, big jungle print with the giraffe right on the pockets.

  5. by   nur20
    A sickening blue and to this day i can't nail down what flavor of blue, No shape or form dress. How embarrased was i when a male classmate told me that my body was suppose to give it shape. Oh
  6. by   tbearrn
    My AD program uniform was a nasty looking white button down shirt with white pants and a navy blue "tabbord" (apron like thing) with the school patch on it and a white long lab coat witht the school patch for pre-clinical data collection. My BS program is all white, and we can wear a colored jacket if we want. Right after I finished my AD program, they changed the uniform to a navy blue scrub shirt with the school of nursing logo embroidered on it and white pants.

    Last thing I wore to work--lilac pants, white T-shirt, lilac Winnie-the-Pooh jacket.
  7. by   babynrse
    OK. School uniforms were all white with a gray "smock". Kinda like what you might see the school cook wearing . Now that I am working, our uniforms are blue pants with a scrub top that has baby footprints on it.
  8. by   babynrse
    OK. School uniforms were all white with a gray "smock". Kinda like what you might see the school cook wearing . Now that I am working, our uniforms are blue pants with a scrub top that has baby footprints on it.
  9. by   aimeee
    All white button down top and pants with no pockets (or if you preferred you could wear the all white dress) and a light blue pin striped apron with the two huge pockets. I did like those handy pockets. Knee length lab coat to be worn over top to and from clinicals and also over street clothes when we went to get our assignments the previous day.

    Now I go dressy/casual--yesterday black pants, garnet turtleneck and black/white jacket.
  10. by   essarge
    White pants, white top with school patch on sleeve. The top has ugly white applets with buttons on it, a tie belt that looks ridiculous and a zip up front!! White shoes...........pillsbury dough boy comes to mind!
  11. by   bungies
    You poor people who have/had to wear the pinafore look - our uniform is a unisex chambray shirt (very light denim) with the school logo on the pocket in red & navy, and navy pants. I wore it for the last time two weeks ago (!!)

    Nursing in Melbourne is very casual; if you wear a uniform it's (usually) voluntary, to keep from getting your own clothes dirty. And we often don't have to buy our own scrubs, either.
  12. by   newgirl
    For nursing school we wore WHITE uniform with a white lab coat over it... we had to have the patch on the left shoulder..and they were strict...we were sent home for any color on the uniform and for ANY scuffs on our shoes... for work now we wear purple scrubs...the critical care is all the same color and all the other areas the nurses wear all white
  13. by   Jenny P
    School uniform: Cleaning lady blue button up the front dress with white collar and cuffs covered by an Alice in Wonderland apron; large school cap had black stripes on corner signalling what year you were in. (not as bad as some of the other ones people have mentionewd here-- we all looked very professional in them-- and it was back in the days when everyone IRONED everything and there weren't many male nurses!)
    I wore a white turtle neck and royal blue scrub pants with a night sky scrub jacket to work night before last.