What are the best shoes to wear to work? - page 2

Here's what I've tried: 1. Anywears: comfy but lack of support hurt my back. Feet were fine, back ached. 2. Nursemates: semi-comfy but hard to walk in as mine are clogs. Not comfortable enough... Read More

  1. by   Calfax
    You can never go wrong with a nice leather combat boot...and black goes with everything. Also impermiable to needles and body fluids.

    Just make sure you're "gellin"!

    If you must be a civilian, I hear good things about "Quarks"...pretty cheap too.
  2. by   tiredfeetED
    ahh ...I have to swear by my pair of nike cross trainers with dr scholls work insert with a seperate gel heel insert.. since I have gotten these shoes and both inserts I havent had a episode of achy feet....13 hrs in the ED with no sitting down can kill you feet. NOW... I must find a way to fix my sore neck....I no longer carry my steth. around my neck!
  3. by   gypsyangelrn
    I think the answer is as individual as each nurse's feet. For years I wore regular nursing shoes. As I got older, a bit heavier and dealing with some back pain, I have found good athletic shoes to work well. Go to a shoe store and try some on....walk in them. Personally, I have a high arch, so I find I have to try them on. I love Reeboks...found a pair of running shoes that do it for me. Anywears were good too, once my foot got used to them. The main thing is to get shoes that fit well and support your foot well.
  4. by   ethelbsnrn
  5. by   Jenn CLPN
    I wear DANSKO professional shoes the ones that have a back on them. They are real comfortable for me. I have heard multiple times that if you wear a tennis shoe all day long your feet will get wide?? Ive heard that from many Doctors. I used to wear a tennis shoe but now ive stopped because of that. :wink2:
  6. by   azgirl
    We both have found SAS to really help. Once we discovered them its been nothing else for work. Also like Birkenstocks.
  7. by   ucandoit
    Quote from nursenatalie
    once again, im sure this is individual but i have tried my running shoes, cherokee rockers and my body hurts less when i wear the r clogz by cherokee. they are super light and cushiony and the only thing that allowed me to work while 9+ months pregnant!
    ditto, they are the best out there.!
  8. by   Agnus
    Personally Birgenstock. I never ever wear the same pair two days in a row. Your shoes need time to recover from the pressure and moisture combination. They last longer and will support you longer if you trade off.

    I do not wear my shoes to and from work. Care for them.