What are the main differences in LPN vs. RN?

  1. I am on both waiting lists for LPN and ADN at my school. I am currently taking a CNA course. from what i have heard... my cna class is teaching what a lpn should do and the lpn career page reads like what a rn would be doing... so what are the differences or do they all overlap?

    what really caught my attention is that we are taught that a rn always gives medication .... in the lpn career link.... it says the lpn gives medication.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This can best be answered by checking with your state or provincial Board of Nursing. This body outlines the duties and responsibilities/scope of practice of each.
  4. by   LoraLou
    it varies state by state so it would be best to check with your state board of nursing, In my state LPNs cannot give iv medication unless they have an iv certification and even then they are limited in what they are able to do with the ivs.