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Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   GraceNotes
    Hi! just read your post. I'm 51 & starting 2-yr BSN in January. I am so apprehensive! I hear that we're expected to disrobe for our male or female classmates to practice exams. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about that. I won't believe I'm doing it until classes start.
  2. by   GraceNotes
    Are you working in a hospital & what unit? You have two years under your belt; how is it going?
  3. by   GraceNotes
    Quote from margaretptz
    I'm glad I'm not the only oldster only the oldest lol. I have finished my pre reqs and starting Fundamentals for ADN in Jan. I am 55 and I would love to hear advice from other older students. I must admit I am a bit nervous about the age thing.
    (I'll try this post again.) I am so apprehensive about nursing school! I am 51 and will graduate with a BSN in 2009 (starting in January, like you). We are expected to disrobe for male & female classmates to practice exams. Does your program do this?? I guess we'll see it all anyway, but doing this at my age is enough of a challenge...
  4. by   GraceNotes
    Quote from nurscee
    50 when I went in. 52 years when graduated. What was I thinking???? :trout: (just kidding)
    I'm 51 and just starting 2-yr BSN. Now that you have a couple of years behind you, how is it going? Are you working in a hospital & what unit?
  5. by   Kerrigan 06
    I was 18 when I started the ADN program, 20 when I graduated... a week and a half ago. :-) And unless the Board takes - *counts* - 9.5 months to get my application processed... I'll be 20 when I get my RN.
  6. by   Nunie16202
    I was 35..... I'll be 37 when I graduate MAY 2007 :hatparty:
  7. by   Works2xs
    Started when I was 44. Best danged thing I ever did!
  8. by   P_RN
    17 first time right out of high school . Stayed 1 yr.
    Left - and got a a secretarial degree at 19
    19 second try did 2 years got married left
    29 3rd time graduated 2 weeks before my 30th b'day. 30 when I received my RN license (took months to get the results back in the day)
  9. by   NeuroICURN
    I graduated from nursing school when I was 26.

    Now, when I was in school, we had a big sister/little sister program. My "little sister" in the program was 62 when she graduated! I am still so proud of her....she's finishing up her BSN now.
  10. by   Leselberry
    Just starting at 35. Hopefully becoming an RN at 39, then CRNA at 45. After that, who knows....
  11. by   eaenfermera2
    Thank you !!!!! Thank you!!!!! This was a great idea!!!! I was so worried because I will begin college in January and I am 49. I went to College in Mexico (Chemistry), but in Mexico I used to go to operations rooms and emergency rooms, sometimes I would change my work with some nurse because I really liked to get more involved with patients. I became a Stay-at-home-mom when my middle daughter was born with Down Syndrome, and though I have never regreted it, now that we live here (in USA), and thanks to the special programs, she did not need me as much, so I decided to go back to school. Because I had more than ten years without working or studying I had to begin from scratch!!! Two years ago I went back to college (community), and a few months ago I was accepted in the nursing program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My only concern was my age, I will finish at 51!!!! But after reading some of the postings in this thread, I am soooooooo happyyyyy and more encouraged than ever!!! so:


  12. by   nickola
    Started right after high school at the age of 18, graduated at 22.
  13. by   pink2blue1
    Quote from Imissthefall
    Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school?
    I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start!
    I just graduated and I am 39. I just passed board for my LVN and plan on going back for my RN as soon as I finish with orientation. I have 3 pre-reqs left and plan on doing the LVN to RN bridge at my community college. So I will be over 40 when I finally get my RN! I wish I had done it 10 years ago!