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i have no idea where the er is getting these people from but i wish theyd send them back...lol they are sick..yes...but for goodness sakes! i cant raise the head of my bed (i can however use... Read More

  1. by   aussie oi oi oi
    Don't forget the bypass pts that want a cigarette with my pre med thanks sister, and when I go home my wife is going to cook me a plate of bacon and sausages, yeah that was a good issue of resources. Why should I change my lifestyle I have new arteries now, somebody needs to mention the word redo to the se pts. yeah right lets all take bets to see how many years or months it takes for them to occlude!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yes I have chest pain but I don't want to take my nitrates as they interfere with the taste of my coffee, I don't want my angio because I want to watch days of our lives, I don't want blood taken in the morning as I want to sleep in. Maybe somebody should remind pts why they come to hospital, it is not just to give us practice.

    But I do have good days I just need to remind myself only 10 more sleeps until Paris!!!!!!!!!!! At least I know that I am not the only one that gets fed up with pts stupidity, and the best thing is it seems to happen no matter where in the world you work !!! LOL
  2. by   thisnurse
    carol was a frequent flyer where i used to work.
    everyone in the hospital knew her by name. everyone in the hospital said...oh no, not carol again.

    carol came to the er with a postive suitcase sign.
    in her suitcase she brought her own salt packets, diet pepsi, ketchup and mustard packets and an array of skimpy nightgowns.
    (carol was in excess of 300 lbs)
    some of the cool things carol did:

    screamed at me for taking her BP in the same arm as her IV. i asked her why i couldnt take it there (just to see if she knew) and she said she didnt know but i just couldnt. since her other arm was on the other side from the cuff i took it in the iv arm anyway. she then reported that her IV felt "funny". i checked it. flushed well, no redness, swelling, no problem.
    i am out of the room not even 5mns when carol starts screaming NURSE! NURSE!
    there she is sitting on the bed with blood all over her. seems her iv "fell out" lol....I TOLD YOU IT FELT FUNNY

    move my bedside commode closer to the bed
    (i do and then leave the room...two mns later)
    move my bedside commode further from the bed,...its too close

    im retaining water, im retaining water, im retaining water
    (how could she tell?)
    docs humored her by putting her on fluid restrictions....lol


    change tubing on iv, restart it....out of room two mns...NURSE I WANT TO CHANGE MY NIGHTGOWN.

    carol was really mad at me for allowing the cleaning man to empty her trash
    I DONT LIKE MEN LOOKING AT ME (the men didnt like it either)

    (right beside her in the drawer...closer than the diet pepsi)


    carol was a real treat.
    we all looked forward to serving her.
  3. by   teeituptom
    Obviously somebody loves these people or they would have been exiled to fantasy island, a long time ago.
    keep it in the short grass yalll
  4. by   amy
    Tom, thanks for the ego boost!! HEY!!! You bring your staff food?!? HOMEMADE FOOD?!? Where do you work; I want to sign up!!! So refreshing to hear of a manager/assistant mgr. appreciating staff as you must. this nurse, did anyone ever try telling Carol "No"? Or, get up and get it yourself as moderate physical activity is part of the healing process? Nurse does not equal "your personal drop-and-fetch-it". If Carol speaks to people like that, how come no one sets limits with her? "I do not speak/talk/swear that way to you, do not speak/talk/swear at me." "Carol, you behavior is unacceptable." You may choose to add "and will not be tolerated." THEN WALK OUT.
    Come back in a few moments and see if she has changed her tune. If she hasn't, same game, same verse. Unless she is truly on her last working brain cell, she will get it and I guarantee you will witness her transformation into a whole new and likeable (maybe!) person. If your coworkers notice the difference, they too may, with a little (or none needed!) encouragement, use the same tactics and receive the same results. A little "tough nursing (like tough love)" can go a long way. Obviously, all patients no not neccesitate these types of interventions, but some do. BTW, does Carol have a psych history?
  5. by   Curlytop
    Originally posted by SICU Queen
    Mechanical ventilation and Diprivan...

    I LOVE ICU...

    TOTALLY AGREE!!!- Give me 3 vented/diprivan pts over two talking/ complaining/ nothing makes them happy pts any day!:roll
  6. by   Curlytop
    How about the families in ICU who suddenly think they are experts in nursing AND medical care. For example-- (1) Their family member is in the chair (via total lift by 4 co-workers) and the first thing the visitor says is "he/she's so tired & ready to go back to bed!!- and they have the audacity to wait after visiting times are over to "make sure" they get placed back to bed!
    (2) "Their iv pump is beeping (I know!!), Their vent is alarming (Iknow!!) Their HR is up (b/c you're smothering them !!), Their temp is down- Is that a GOOD sign (A GOOD? Sign) - Oh- and my favorite - Are they going to MAKE it?? (Go ask Ms. Cleo is what I want to say sometimes!! Stop pointing things out to me and actually VISIT with the patient instead of watching the monitor as if it's a t.v. screen!!) AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!
  7. by   thisnurse
    set limits and tell carol her behavior is inappropriate? you are assuming she doesnt know ...well she DOES.
    so you tell her that and your statement is next followed by 101 reasons carol is an azz. she turns you in to mgmt and guess what happens next?
    not even worth the time or effort.

    curly...icu pt families arent the only ones who think they have a medical degree. we get THOSE on the floor constantly.

    i just wanted to tell you that his bag is going to be empty soon.
    that dose of insulin is too high for my mom (bs is 900)
    my dad had to go to the bathroom so i shut off his pump (heparin)
    i want you to pick up my mom and put her on the bedpan (mom is 500 lbs)
    my mom should be on IV antibiotics. (thats nice why didnt you tell that to her doc when you spoke to him this morning?)

    and then there are the ones that tell you that you only have 10 mns before dads med is due (zantac)

    gotta love them...lol
  8. by   Curlytop
    To This Nurse-- I was in no way saying that only happens in icu- I have nothing but empathy for the floor nurses. I purposely finish what I need to do before visiting times so I can get in and out of the room asap. Irate/ rude/ demanding families never affect the quality of my patient care but they just don't have a clue how difficult our job is without their stupid $.02 of info they learned off the latest 48 hours or other news show
  9. by   ktwlpn
    I work in LTC (a secure dementia unit) so we do it all including pick noses prn.It is the families that are buttholes-our residents are great. We have a few that swear by Reader's Digest-as in "I read about a new med for Alzheimer's disease in Reader's Digest-will you call mom's doctor(now) to get him to order it?" Most simply have little understanding of their loved one's disease-and the many characteristic behaviors we see.These family members really believe that the staff must be taking their Mom's shoes(she takes them off herself repeatedly and leaves them who knows where)Ditto the eyeglasses and dentures that we find in pillow cases and on dishes-sometimes in shoes... Some come to visit and try to re-orient Dad-argue with him and get him agitated to tears....Hello-Dad no longer recognizes a toilet-that's why you brought him here so why are you are surprised that he does not know you?Like a co-worker says-It is always about them-no matter what else is going on around some people for them it is "The ALL ME show all the time" I like to goof on them(out of earshot of course)-and I must admit they do add color and texture to the day...
  10. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    I had a post-partum mom ask me to get clippers out of her purse and clip her finger nails! I thought I heard her wrong so I asked her to repeat it and she did. I handed her the purse off her bedside table that was ten inches from her hand and said, " Here you go, you can clip them." What the heck are these people thinking?
  11. by   Shandy12
    I particularly love the patient who plays one nurse against another. You all know the type. Nurse so and so said I could get up now, after you've just told her it's only 1/2 hr. until bedtime. Of course, another nurse said no such thing.......

    And the patient who is "well-connected" and thinks that playing bridge with the administrator's wife immediately gives her special status.

    I like the visitors who are sooo well-informed medically about their family member's condition. Explain to me how the diabetes became so out of control in the home setting if the family has expertise in the treatment of their family member??

    It's never dull, that's for sure!

  12. by   thisnurse
    OH MY GOD... i swear that EVERY time i write about something on this board, thats what happens to me on my next shift.

    comes from docs office (from what i gather doc doesnt want to admit her but daughter...RN pushes)
    they go from office to information desk where a very helpful and yet stupid volunteer takes them to their room. oops...did we forget ADMISSIONS?

    they leave the patient and her daughter the RN, who by the way USED to work floors so she understands that we are busy. she just wants to make sure orders are carried out...ect. in other words she is a bytch.

    nobody tells me the patient has arrived. by chance i happened to be walking down the hall and ran into the daughter. they had been in the room for 30 mns they say before anyone even knew they were there. the silly volunteer just put them in the room and left.

    there are of course, no orders, no hospital id, no ANYTHING cos as far as the hospital is concerned, she doesnt exist.

    by some very strange fluke, the resident for her doc just happens to be sitting at the desk. i tell him that the patient is there. of course he knows nothing about it but will be in.

    i call admissions and of course they are pizzed cos now they have to come up and do the admission on the floor.
    i LOVE listening to ppl bytch at me.

    i go in the pts room and explain what happened and that the admission docs are coming in and both the patient and the daughter are angry because she was "just at the docs office" and doesnt need another doc to look at her. they swear my assitant has her orders. i tell them that an assistant would not have her orders. they argue with me. the assitant comes in and they ask her...of course she doesnt have orders. THERE ARENT ANY
    and im wondering what kind of RN would think that md orders would be handled "magically" by a CNA?

    there was all kinds of cool stuff after that. the daughter was demanding like you would not believe.

    while we are waiting for admissions to come up the doc is giving me verbals. im trying like hell to carry out the orders asap. and as i am in the room, THE DAUGHTER THE RN IS QUESTIONING MY EVERY MOVE. why did the doc order that? she doesnt need that?
    finally i stopped and told her to go talk to the doc who was still at the desk.
    i waited for her to finish talking to the doc then i went to the desk right after she was back in the room.

    look...if i am going to be questioned with every order i try to carry out, i dont want this patient. i dont have time for private duty nursing. you order something and the daughter says you shouldnt have ordered that and she doesnt want it. i am not going to be on the phone with you all night over every little thing. i dont want that and im sure you dont either.

    doc says..."problem is, the daughter is an RN"
    yeah...that IS the problem. im sure that we can arrange for the daughter to do private duty for mom.

    you know sometimes you get these ppl and they come in and they are going to tell YOU what they are going to do. first thing we argued about was her wearing a gown. she DEMANDED to wear her street clothes. I tried to explain why that was impractical...they didnt care.
    i told them ok, then, what you wear is up to you.
    they will find out later on when mom has the iv going and she cant take off her dress. and tomorrow when its time for the mri and other tests shes going to...she'll see what i meant.

    i am now kicking myself for not asking where the daughter worked.

    thankfully i only had this gem for an hour. another nurse took over the case cos she thought she could handle the daughter.
    it didnt quite work out that way.
    by the end of the night the pt was complaining that one of the staff had "assaulted her"

    if i get her tomorrow, i swear im going to refuse the assignment.
    but you know if they keep this up...the docs will just release her so she wont even be there.
  13. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Amy
    Yes I bring food into the staff, Just my way of doing things. And yes I cook the large majority of it, Im an excellent if somewhat spicy cook, I do love flavor in food. I guess it matches my personality, because Im not very bland either..
    Live in work in Plano texas, nice enough place, and they are building golfcourses all over the place for me too enjoy
    keep it in the short grass yall