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i have no idea where the er is getting these people from but i wish theyd send them back...lol they are sick..yes...but for goodness sakes! i cant raise the head of my bed (i can however use... Read More

  1. by   angelina28
    :roll :roll :roll

    Thank's so much for scaring me to death. Maybe I chose the wrong feild. 1st yr lpn student. Just kidding I loved your post it really picked my spirits up tonight after a rough clinical.... Had POOP Patrol most of the day.

  2. by   thisnurse
    NOTHING pisses me off more than FLUFF MY PILLOW
    or even worse....FIX MY BED.

    ever have the patients that ask you to wipe them?
    we get them from time to time. i tell them no...wipe yourself
  3. by   SharkLPN
    ever have the patients that ask you to wipe them?
    Heh. We had a guy in once recovering from multi-system failure d/t ETOH abuse. Big time jaundice. (One of the RN's called him "The Highlighter" he was so yellow) And to make matters worse, he was one of the "the woman was created to serve me" types and his wife was the subserviant enabler - feeding him, pillow fluffing, you name it.

    The night before his d/c, after the wife left for home, he asked for the bedpan. Nope, you can walk 200 ft. in PT, you're going home tomorrow, you can make it to the bathroom. Long story short, as myself and another nurse had almost got him back to his bed, he stops, turns around and asks "What about my ass?"

    I had to stop myself before I said "It's big, glowing yellow and and we want to kick it...." :roll

    He wanted us to wipe him. We handed him a washrag and told him to go for it.
  4. by   frann
    Our Hospital just put out a new brochure. On the second page there's a picture of this waiter in a tux delivering food on a silver tray with real fancy silverware and all. I have yet to see this guy delivering this food. They actually say that they are like a4 star hotel.
  5. by   rncountry
    Last month we sent home one of the PIA patients I have ever had. I do long term acute care. We got this guy on the vent , weighed over 500 lb when he came in. Had a wound on his back from hip to hip about 11 cm wide to start. Got him off the vent, weight loss over 150 lbs, wound nearly healed when we sent him home with home care. Wife is an alcoholic who would come in with urine stained pants, drunk. Threatened staff and had to be escorted out a couple times. The patient was incredibly and I mean incredibly sexually inappropriate. I was one of the few nurses who made it very clear that I would not put up with that, period. Amy, you are my kind of nurse because I don't mind in the least letting patients and families know when they are inappropriate.
    Anyway this patient was with us from Oct. to Jan. the day he went home the hospital bought the staff pizza, and banana splits to celebrate.
    At the same time everyone of us have to go to an 8 hour mandatory inservice in March about "customer" service. They aren't going to like me there much though, because I am fundamentally opposed to calling my patients customers. Customers are people who choose to be where they are, what place they are at, not just the one the insurance will pay for, I am a licensed professional, not a waitress but most of all they are patients for goodness sakes I don't care what the hell the powers that be think they should be called. Good care is good care period, but customer service is not what I do.
  6. by   VickyRN
  7. by   frann
    Thank your lucky stars RNCountry that your customer service was only 8 hrs. Ours was 2 freaking weeks long!!!!! And what did we do for two freaking weeks-made a helicopter as a team, sat and listened to speakers for 8 hrs each day. What a freaking wast of my time.
  8. by   darn1219
    And our community hospital wanted to have volunteers come around each morning coffee refills! Heck, where's the newspaper to go with it?
  9. by   darn1219
    And our small community hospital wanted to have volunteers come around each morning and offer coffee refills with breakfast. Hey, where's the newspapers?
  10. by   RN-PA
    "And our community hospital wanted to have volunteers come around each morning coffee refills! Heck, where's the newspaper to go with it?" --darn1219

    I've taken to putting a mint on their pillows at night as a special treat! :chuckle C'mon people-- Customer service!!!
  11. by   teeituptom
    Hi yall
    From deep in the heart of texas
    Amy, I loved the way you put everything, nicely done. As Ive been an assistant nurse manager for bout 14 years now. I agree with you. But I had a good one last night. The nurses were hard out on the night before so I brought them in chili and tamales as a way to say thank you for your work. A pt with gall bladder disease yelled at the staff that we werent sharing all this fine texmex food with her. I should have given her some of my firey hot spicey chili and a couple of tamales to see what that wouldve done to her gall bladder. I can imagine that. By the way I make the hottest spiciest chili around, its good but you taste it for 2 hours afterwards.
  12. by   dianacs
    Does this treatment happen only to the female nurses or does it happen to you guys also? Assuming that the patients know you are a nurse and not a doctor, of course...
  13. by   aussie oi oi oi
    I'm with the surgical ICU queen, oh yes I am a strong advocate of prozac aerial spraying, why not drop in a bit of vitamin H (haloperidol just for taste)!!!!!

    I just love the pts who have had surgery, we are doing nothing for them yet they refuse to go home, the rellies sit on the buzzers all day long and then complain because you take too long to answer buzzers, get the towels, change the water, get a cups oh yes they are most upset when you tell them it is rest period, why a rest period I don't need a rest say the rellies...........

    Maybe if we started charging an entrance fee to the unit per reallie, nah that would not work................. but sometimes people think it is the hilton, sometimes i wish they would go and get ............................... oops I thought it but I did not say it!

    But I suppose you have the wonderful pts with the great families that genuinly appreciate all your efforts, so I suppose there is an umbrella for every shower of rain!!!!!!!

    I know I am the eternal optimist!!!!! If all else fails allocate the pts from hell to the RN going on leave!!!!!!!!!! (she/he has the time to recover then............. I know I got the escort from hell to match the plane from hell to match the two pts from the other realm, all before I went on leave, took me two bottles of vodka and a week to recover LOL!