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i have no idea where the er is getting these people from but i wish theyd send them back...lol they are sick..yes...but for goodness sakes! i cant raise the head of my bed (i can however use... Read More

  1. by   labornurse
    We had one on the postpartum floor that was recovered HELLP syndrome. Wasn't happy with the way one of the nurses had helped her to the bathroom. Looked at the nurse coming on shift and said "The last time one of you people helped me to the bathroom, it was the worst experience of my life. I think I'll just pee here in the bed and you can clean it up." Charge nurse looked at her and said, no you will clean it up. Called for complete bed change 4x that night because there were wrinkles in the sheets and she could sleep like that. Next day called for complete bed change because there was a spot of blood on the chux. Left her soiled pads on the floor of the bathroom with comment that we were getting paid good money to clean up. Even with all the disrespect and rudness this pt gave to the staff, we all worked very hard to help her leave the hospital as a healthy postpartum mom with a healthy baby. Not only didn't she leave a tip . she complained about every member of the ob nursing staff to administration. She left saying she would never come to this hospital again. :chuckle Needless to say it took a lot of self control for the staff not to cheer at that one.
  2. by   SICU Queen
    Mechanical ventilation and Diprivan...

    I LOVE ICU...
  3. by   thisnurse
    you wouldnt believe this but i have three patients that can walk ...i mean like nothing wrong with ambulation....i mean well enough to go home tomorrow...with BEDSIDE COMMODES!!!
    the door patients have theirs RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DARN BATHROOM DOOR.

    my first admission...n/v

    what does she want when she gets to the floor?
    yeah you guessed it...WHEN AM I GOING TO EAT

    all the more reason to keep her NPO
  4. by   thisnurse
    hospital gift shop....im still laffing
  5. by   VAC
    Originally posted by SICU Queen
    Mechanical ventilation and Diprivan...

    I LOVE ICU...
    You said it, SICU Queen!!!. Can we sedate the families, too

    All you guys are great, you crack me up and tell it like it is!!!
  6. by   thisnurse
    had a pt last night...i swear to god this is true...she wanted to use our comps to get online. i didnt see a problem with that but mgmt did. (no way could she get into any of our files) she was absolutely NOT permitted to use the computers.
    this pt has been in the hospital nearly two weeks...for CELLULITIS of the leg. she has a spot right below her knee, maybe 4 inches in diameter. why she is still there ill never know.
    she tells me that its not fair she cant use the comps. she asked the supervisior about it and she was told that our comps were not for entertainment purposes and if she was well enough to go online she was well enough to go home.
    the pt goes into this rant about how there should be HOSPITALITY in the hospital and the pts should be treated like they are at the hilton.
    i thought...oh my god...lol
  7. by   micro
    give me my blankey and my pillow and hold the glass of water so I can drink from it.........
    gotta love 'em.......
    time management for patients that are truly in need........
    that fine line between caring and too much care.........

    excuse me, fluff a little more........
  8. by   SICU Queen
    My favorites are the men who "need" me to hold their urinal for them. I always tell them that if they're too sick to hold it themselves, then I have a standing order to insert a foley. Works every time.

    Of course I DO help the poor little guys who really can't do it, but those are few and far between, and the ones would really be too sick to do it have the foleys anyway...
  9. by   jimminy
    lol! I admire anyone that works the floors. Some of the hardest patients inthe EC to take care of are the admitted holds (no beds). They are the most demanding and "helpless". Then the families decide they know better how to take care of their families, aaaagggghhhh!. It's funny though, the reeealllly sick ones say thank you, and "it you have time," it is a whole lot easier to be a theraputic. Most of the walkie-talkies are the really demanding and they can take care of themselves.
  10. by   Stargazer
    Threads like this always remind me of the notoriously PIA pt that one of my ICU colleagues was bringing back, in bed, from CT scan one day. He decided his bedding wasn't to his liking and began demanding the nurse adjust it as she was rolling him down the hall.

    When she told him that she'd see to it once he was settled back in his room, he started slamming his fists against the siderails and screaming, "Fluff my pillow, you *****es! Fluff my ******* pillow!"

    My friend started laughing so hard she doubled over and had to stop pushing the bed, which obviously didn't make the gentleman in question any happier......ya gotta love some people. Or shoot them. Shooting's good, too.
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  11. by   deespoohbear
    This thread is great! How about the pt who is visiting with company, laughing and talking no problem. The minute her company leaves her call light is on. "I am having that severe pain and nausea again, I need my meds." Oh, yeah the four hours are up since her last dose of Demerol/Phenergan on the minute. I just want to gag!!!

    One of my co-workers has been a nurse for over 25 years. She always talks about the "fluff my pillow, bend my straw" type pt. Those are the kind who think we are running the Hilton Hospital.

    Or, the pts who come to ER with their suitcase packed. One of our ER docs calls that the "positive suitcase sign."
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  12. by   VickyRN
    One of my co-workers has been a nurse for over 25 years. She always talks about the "fluff my pillow, bend my straw" type pt. Those are the kind who think we are running the Hilton Hospital

    Hope no "customer service" people are reading this thread.... Don't want to give them any more lame-brain ideas for our next "SERVICE EXCELLENCE" mandatory seminar!!!
  13. by   PhantomRN
    Patients rarely appreciate all the work we do for them so, Is it any surprise that nurses leave the bedside in droves?