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  1. I just wanted to let you guys know what happened at my local colleges nursing student orientation. This was a mandatory meeting that is part of the admission process. There was a good mix of people there as this also served the allied health programs. When the Dean started telling everyone how competitive the program was I think she lost alot of people. There were alot of groans about having to take the ACT and not only having to take them but having to have the best scores. Even people with BS degrees have to take the ACT or take the minimum which I think is 20. I kind of felt sorry for some of the older/nontrad people there. Anyway, the Dean told us that the nursing crisis is at an all time high. She also said that nurses were making between 40 and 50 grand a year. She also told us that the nuclear med techs were sometimes getting 60 grand p/y. I raised my hand when she told us this and told her I thought I applied to the wrong program.LOL There were at least 100 nursing applicants and this was only one of I think 7 or 8 orientations. They accept only 90 students p/y. Unbelievable isn't it. Everything is score based. If you don't have the scores you don't get in. I definately have the feeling that some people that were at this meeting would not be applying this year because they are not ready(preq's).

    As for me , well, I have to get my math scores up to par and also finish a&p by 2/22 or I won't be applying to this particular program either. I even had my son explaining an ACT math question to me last night. Hey, I'll take whatever help I can get.

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  3. by   vettech
    At my school we're in the same boat. We are judged by our grades in prereqs, ACT score, previous grades (High School or previous college). This is all just to select those that will be interviewed where the group will be cut down further to the students who actually make it into the program.

    I have a 4.0 GPA, scored 24 on a ACT practice exam (as I am using Princeton Review CD for ACT, likely that will be up to 28-29 by the time I sit the real one in two weeks), have an AAS degree in Veterinary Technology already (not to mention 8 years experience, that is IF they accept it as useful work experience)AND will have two, possibly three, letters of reccomendation in my hand and I'm still not sure I'm a lock.

    I'm concerned but it will make it that much sweeter at graduation and passing the NCLEX-RN knowing just how tough it was just to get in.
  4. by   mona b RN
    Vettech, are there as many applicants as well? It sounds to me like you definately have the good scores. Good Luck!

    mona b
  5. by   traumaRUs
    How sad that all you guys have to work so hard just to get in to the program!!! The nursing shortage has affected the number of nurses with advanced degrees also. I'm currently an ADN RN with ten years experience - work in the midwest in ER (night charge) and make $54,000 per year. However, I'm also enrolled in an ADN to MSN course and if I elect to teach, I can expect to make about $35,000 per year. At my age (44) I can't take that kind of pay cut.
  6. by   mona b RN
    It makes you wonder doesn't it. BTW, the Dean of nursing told us that the program was web enhanced and that each year they increase their number of students. I'm sure they would love to accomodate all the applicants but there are not enough instructors to go around.

    mona b
  7. by   Mkue
    Don't underestimate the power/drive of the older non/traditional students..lol..

    Good Luck, I hope you get in.

    Things are really competitive in my area too.. community colleges will try to coax students to go into another area since Nursing seats are so scarce, they suggest: dental, nuclear med, ultrasound.. etc.. which are all great areas, but not for somone who has their heart set on nursing.


  8. by   flowerchild
    mona b, Here's what worked for me. My grades in HS were terrible. Not b/c I wasn't capable though. It was several years later that I decided to go to college.
    I volunteered at a hospital b/c I found out that was also weighted in the decision, enrolled in prereqs, and then applied to the nursing program. My first application was denied. I called the program entrance office and asked why so I could improve for next time. Found out I was one of the last on the list/ Those HS grades were really bad and being out of school for so long, the entrance exam grade wasn't too hot either, but was good enough to qualify for enrolling into the program. What worked for me was waiting until the final day of enrollment for classes, called the program several times that day, waiting for someone to drop. Well, lucky me, someone did drop and I was told that if I could come down immediatly that I could enroll in the program. I had 1 hours left before they closed. Down to the wire and I got in but only b/c of my persistance. Maybe you or others could try this to get in too? You never know how many people that they accepted will end up not actually enrolling and the program doesn't want empty spots.
    BTW, graduated Ntl Honor Society, Who's Who amoung nursing grads, was elected class president, was nominated for a prestigious in college award, and graduated with a 3.5 GPA. The same program that put me almost last on the list ended up touting my achievements and was glad to add me to their stats and alumni.
  9. by   emily_mom
    Come to my school. As long as you complete Chemistry, CPR and pass the NLN...you're in. If you fail the NLN, you remediate with something stupid like College Success or College Reading. Then you can apply. It's first come, first serve....

    And they wonder why last month they only graduated 12 out of a class of 40????? It's easy to get in....just harder than hell to stay in.....

    Ex-smoker...day 2.....
  10. by   BMS4
    Kristy, my program was the same way. Out of the original 67 that started in my class only 17 graduated on time.
  11. by   mona b RN

    Those are great suggestions. I will see what happens, who knows maybe I'll get in with no problem. The only thing that would hold me back is the score I get on the ACT. I'm really good in all the areas except the math. I am in the middle of a pretty intense math review(good to do regardless because nurses need good math skills) and if all goes well my score will be okay. I guess it's really going to depend on how strong my reading, grammar and reasoning skills turn out to be. Like I said earlier, they are my strong areas.

    We also have schools around here that are less competitive but they are three year programs and I really wanted a two year program. Also, the community colleges are dirt cheap and that's why they get so many applicants.

    mona b