1. I had a job interview on a med/surg unit 3 weeks ago at a local hosp here in AZ, was told that I was hired and that they needed to do a background check yada yada yada. one week later still hadnt heard anything so I called HR only to be told that the background check could take 1-2 weeks to be completed, well we are now 3 weeks in and still nothing! I need a job

    Is it possible that its taking this long? I dont want to call HR back because they might think I am nagging them......what do I do?
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  3. by   stelarRN
    call! it is not nagging when you are just finding out the status of your application.
  4. by   beat2beat
    Call HR. I don't think it would be coming across as nagging, or maybe you could send an e-mail telling them you are just checking in to make sure they have recieved all of the necessary pre-employment information needed to secure employment. I would think not calling them would be worse. Also, at least through some back round check agencies you can request a copy of what was sent to your employer if you think something may have come up on it. Don't forget there can be errors on your background check so you may want a copy anyway. Hope you get a call telling you when your start date is!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Give them one more week and then contact them again. Yes, it can take forever for background checks, so don't lose hope yet. Good luck.
  6. by   icyounurse
    I know from personal experience if you have lived in multiple states (I have) it really adds alot of time to the background check process, so maybe could be part of the problem. I would not hesitate to call hr. Who cares if they think you are nagging?? You will never see those people again once you start anyways. Not that I think your situation would constitute nagging, I am sure they are used to much more annoying people and would not take it that way.
  7. by   nkara
    absolutely call.... who cares if you call once a week. This is your career!
  8. by   Meriwhen
    The difference between nagging and inquiring is all in what you say and how you say it Call them up or email them and just say that you're checking on the status of your application and ask if they need any additional information from you. No "why is it taking so long?" or other related whining because background checks can and do take weeks (or even longer) to complete.

    If you hear nothing new, call in another week. I wouldn't call daily, but weekly should be fine.
  9. by   sunray12
    Background checks can be a slow process and the Memorial day weekend might add to the backlog. You are not nagging to call once or twice a week about status. (But BTW if you want to be a successful job hunter you have to be persistent). Ask if they have any estimated date for when your paperwork will be ready. Then if you have a date then call on that date to see where you stand. And unless you know your contact is an active email user - use the phone. Some people get more email than they can keep up with so they tend to overlook or ignore it. So if you want to contact them the best way is by phone.