Was accepted to LPN school but

  1. Here is the catch. I also have applications in a two ADN schools as well. And then this: I have two job offers as well. I applied for these jobs two months ago when i didn't know if I would pass Agebra. One is a phlebotomy job and the other is a state job working with the mentally challenged. I have no idea what to do. I have prayed, talked with my husband and still i am uncertain. Please tell me what your opinions are? What would you do. Do I go for the jobs and forget about nursing, do I accpet the LPN spot, do I wait and see if the two other schools accpet me...ug. This is a tough as it gets.
    thanks for your input, please don't tell me its my descision. tell me what you would do? Thanks everyone
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  3. by   Teshiee
    What are your goals? To be a RN? or LVN? When I first started going to college I was taking various classes but I knew I wanted to be a RN. Someone told be about LVN school and I went for it. 4 years later I went back for a year and completed my RN training. You can always drop the LVN school if they accept you if not finish it and apply for it later. I say always have a back up plan no matter what. Good luck! :-)
  4. by   CATHYW
    I'm with Teishee-always have a plan B, and sometimes a Plan C, no matter what you do in life. My career began the same way Teishee's did, and I have no regrets. I thought we'd had an earlier post that you had been accepted into an ADN program, and that your husband was going to work 2 jobs so you wouldn't have to work while you are in school? Maybe I have you confused with someone else...
  5. by   RNIAM
    That was the recent post not earlier post. Yes your right my husband is working two jobs. I posted this post before I got the call that I had been accepted. I asked everyone to please not post on this one but I guess it got lost in the shuffle.
    thanks everyone