1. I'm a UK nurse moving to the States in a few months time. I would love to be able to compare wages with us UK nurses, so can you all share what the average wage is in your state? Not asking you to divulge what you earn, but a general idea of the area average would be good. Particularly like to know about the North East/New England. Also, what do agency nurses earn per hour? Do they get benefits? How much can one expect to earn in a month or per shift? Much appreciated!

    Here in England it varies greatly. A newly qualified nurse outside of London can earn on average 16,000 per year (about $27,000), but ICU nurse doing agency can earn about 150 per shift in London (that's about $240).
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  3. by   oge
    hello Rocknurse.
    i am also relocating to the states from London. i dont really know anybody doing the same but you.it will be nice to keep in touch .my e-mail address is tam@seductive.com interesting topic ,i hope you get some responds.
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    Hi oge. Nice to meet more nurses moving to the States! Do keep in touch and let me know where you're going. My email is rockgurl7@hotmail.com
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    You can do a search for "wages" or "salary" by clicking the button above and find tons of information about wages in all parts of the country. They vary greatly from region to region.

    Best wishes to you!
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    Hi Rocknurse! I live in Connecticut though I am not yet a nurse I have a pretty good idea about the wages. For agency work the pay can range from $30-$52 depending on setting, shift, and experience. The average pay, from what I've been told is between $21 (new grad) to $26+/hr plus diff's for staff nurses with experience. Depending on your experience I'm sure that the per hour wage is influenced. Good luck and welcome to the STATES!